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Ainsi le fait que le bon centaure represente un comportement blamable manifeste un esprit critique envers les croyances traditionnelles, du moins envers les divinites mixanthropiques.
With the princess's enchantment lengthened to a century, slumber in the tale became explicitly linked to temporality in its sense of the human placement in time; moreover, sleep became something specifically feminine and blamable, a somnolence that radiates outward from the princess to infect the kingdom around her.
The harvest failure of hybrid rice of the Supertoy type in Purwerojo in 2008 was believed to be blamable on the distributor of the rice seeds violating the Law No.
to be done, that are very unjust and blamable in their own nature,
Kalamas, when you yourselves know [that] "These things are good; these things are not blamable; these things are praised by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to benefit and happiness", enter on and abide in them.' Kalama Sutta: The Buddha's charter of free inquiry, tr.
Conceding that there existed "many points" for which he was "justly blamable" and "cannot hope to escape without punishment," Walker also hoped that "an enlightened understanding" would realize that his action was more an error of judgment than a desire to violate the law.
166) says that to accidentally crush worms while crushing sugarcane for its juice is not blamable. This is unproblematic in the case where one does not know or suspect that the sugarcane contains worms.
Playgoers and readers alike get this impression partly because Vincentio and Isabella occasionally appear to be just as "precise"--albeit in a much less blamable (or even unblamable) way--as Angelo in matters of love, sexuality, and moral conduct.
Thus, Grotius goes on to say that "such motives, though blamable, when even connected with a just war, do not render the war ITSELF unjust."
Are voters so taken by the prime minister that they even tolerate his condescending remark, ''There are many kinds of people's lives,'' in replying to queries about his blamable past?
The utterances of Coriolanus's backward voice are, in one sense, more blamable than their counterparts in Apemantus's speeches because the latter character, like Jaques (As You Like It II.vii.47-61, 70-87), occasionally suggests that his railings are meant to rehabilitate their subjects (e.g., Timon I.ii.55-61, II.ii.79-80), whereas Coriolanus never implies that his invectives are meant to have this positive effect upon plebs.
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Salisbury concurred and wrote to the Queen "that all Prince William's impulses, however blamable and unreasonable, will henceforth be political causes of enormous potency: & the two nations are so necessary to each other, that everything that is said to him must be carefully weighed.
19), of Woyzeck's slaughter of Maria, the politics of Flaubert's style indirect libre, or the elision of the resistible, blamable enemy from Camus's plague-struck Oran will find no discussion of them here.
As Blackstone long ago observed, an act that is ma/a in se is not made more blamable by being also illegal.