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shy bladder

Said to be possessed by one who has trouble urinating when others are present, as in a public restroom. I have a shy bladder, so it takes me forever to pee in those crowded stadium bathrooms.
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slang Drunk, possibly with a strong urge to urinate. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were really bladdered. He said he was bladdered and went to the bathroom.
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mod. drunk, especially with a full bladder. I’m really bladdered! Somebody drive me home?
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9%) respondents were aware of the association between smoking and bladder cancer compared to 858(85.
This involved shaping 35-40 inches of the patient's small intestine to form a bladder.
Many formulas have been proposed over the years to calculate maximum urinary bladder capacity.
These sutures had been strangely included in the bladder wall during midline laparotomy closure.
Conclusion: In this single institute study, the frequency of incidental gall bladder carcinoma was found to be 0.
Bladder herniation occurs in an acquired direct inguinal hernia with the bladder pulled into the hernia, together with a sheath of peritoneum, which forms the sac.
8220;We work every day to cultivate a community of hope and support for people touched by bladder cancer,” says Diane Zipursky-Quale, president and co-founder of BCAN.
Even though 80 percent of bladder cancer patients don't die of their disease within five years, most patients will either die of other causes or bladder cancer, require aggressive treatment--removal of the bladder, radiation, and/or chemotherapy--or have a recurrence of the disease," Dr.
Intra-operative findings (Figure 2) showed a paraperitoneal subtotal prolapse of the bladder through the internal inguinal ring, into the scrotum.
When cancerous cells are detectable only on the bladder lining, this is called superficial bladder cancer.
List the clinical signs and symptoms of bladder cancer.
I enjoyed Scott Thompson's "Quillworker's Bladder Envelopes" in Vol.
That color change indicates blood in your urine (hematuria), and while it may signal a urinary tract infection, it's also the most common symptom of bladder cancer.
That would be a problem for most fish, since many of them have a gas-filled organ called a swim bladder that helps them stabilize their bodies at different water depths.
A facility may not have purchased a bladder scanner because the cost may be prohibitive (approximately $8,000 each), or it may be that the value of using a bladder scanner has not been recognized.