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(as) hot as highway blacktop

Extremely hot in temperature. Geez, it's hot as highway blacktop today—we really need to stay in the shade.
See also: blacktop, highway, hot

as hot as highway blacktop

Scorching. A typical summer day in the Deep South.
See also: blacktop, highway, hot
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But Muqim said they blacktopped roads in areas included in the municipality's master plan.
MAZAR-I-SHARIF (PAN): A 10-kilometer road, connecting two districts, is being constructed and blacktopped in northern Balkh province, officials said on Wednesday.
The electrical fittings and bridge has been blacktopped recently.
He said 1,250 kilometres of roads would be blacktopped and 1000 metres of bridges would be constructed and another 1000km of second grade roads preserved with the assistance.
Villagers say that the road needs to be blacktopped so that they can travel and transport goods without problems.