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(as) hot as highway blacktop

Extremely hot in temperature. Geez, it's hot as highway blacktop today—we really need to stay in the shade.
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as hot as highway blacktop

Scorching. A typical summer day in the Deep South.
See also: blacktop, highway, hot
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Her abandoned Chevrolet Malibu was discovered about halfway between Illinois 142 and Illinois 1 on the Eldorado Ridgway Blacktop.
Dodge, a subsidiary of Chrysler LLC, is planning to expand its Blacktop trim package to the 2014 Dart compact.
SEO works by raising the profile of Lucas Blacktop on search engine results pages.
The road was an ordinary blacktop affair, neat, grass-edged, with a broken white line down the middle.
As science director for the Virginia-based Center for Health, Environment and Justice, he says that the proposed cleanup, which raises the possibility of heavy metals leaching into the soil and groundwater under the parking lot, would not likely pass muster in the U.S., particularly with porous blacktop as a covering.
Furthermore, 2931 meters long blacktop road has been constructed in Mishti tribe of the Agency to provide better transportation facilities to the communities.
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Since snakes are cold-blooded, or ectothermic, external sources--sunlight, air, water, or warm blacktop roads--heat their bodies.
If you are among the pilgrims who have made the trek to the foundation without benefit of landing your Lear on one of the privately owned airstrips nearby, you have driven at least three and a half hours from El Paso or Midland across a lonely stretch of blacktop. If you arrived after dark, typically the consequence of inconvenient flight schedules, you may have parked just outside town at the preferred site for viewing the Marfa Mystery Lights.
Pleasant Church of God (5.5 miles east of Assumption on the Findlay blacktop).
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Blacktop (1952), a ten-minute paean to the surprising moments of beauty created by hosing down a grammar-school playground, proves the Eameses could work a minor magic no matter the subject.
Greenwood Township Building located on the Nokomis Blacktop (1/4 mile north of Bear Creek Road)
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