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A], January 10 ( ANI ): Oscar-winning actor and a Hollywood veteran Michael Douglas has preemptively denied allegations of sexual misconduct in front of a female employee and blackballed her from Hollywood.
I felt like he was blackballed," she told ABC-affiliate (http://www.
Here, at 95 years old, he tells his own story, which includes law school, the Air Force, being an actor on stage and radio, being blackballed and banned from television during the McCarthy era, and engagement in national politics.
Second, Peters bemoans the fact that these generals are now "automatically blackballed from .
While the talk in the pubs is that Heard was banned for excessive use of the buggy, The Dikler can disclose that the tee-totaller was blackballed after being seen attempting to jump the open ditch down the back straight.
The Socceroos participation in Greece next month has already claimed a victim, with Craig Moore being blackballed by Rangers, after choosing country ahead of club.
Jill's best friend is blackballed by the local snobs and blames Jill for it.
Tell him an 'odd fling' is too odd for you -and oddballs get blackballed.
So if Blakemore has been blackballed it is purely because the government does not wish to be seen to approve of this controversial branch of research.
James Hewitt was blackballed out of his Regiment, refused publication by the very same tabloids that are currently fawning over the Cheshire butler, and Hewitt now limps from one rich benefactress to another.
Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash blackballed the plan with the support of Ankara's generals, president, opposition and even elements of the ruling Justice and Development Party.
if we get a reputation in Sudhury of showing preference I'm going to get blackballed.
A Catholic pharmacist who refuses to stock them will be blackballed by his suppliers.
Yates was around 10 years ago when I was Health Minister but the BMA blackballed him.
60,000 arbitration award from the NYSE after he alleged Stephens defamed, blackballed and wrongfully fired him in 1994.