black spot

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black spot

A mistake or the negative impact thereof that permanently harms one's reputation. Jerry's speeding ticket was a black spot on his driving record that prevented him from getting a job as a delivery man.
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a black spot

a place that is notorious for something, especially a high crime or accident rate.
1992 Radio Times Jonathon Porritt meets the ‘green warriors’ who are spearheading campaigns to clean up some of the world's worst pollution black spots.
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a ˈblack spot

a place where accidents often happen, especially on a road: This junction is a well-known accident black spot.
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14,000 crores identifying the black spots on the National Highways and assessed the underpasses and bridges required.
'Parking of commercial vehicles along roads makes Salgaa one of the black spots in the corridor,' he said.
The officials said that the Police identified 126 Black Spots on Motorways and National Highways and the step would help reduce road accidents and save precious lives.
'We found approximately 5000 black spots with waste from five tonnes to 150 tonnes and we have cleaned up approximately 2000 black spots.
In the study of the identification of accident black spots and the calculation of accident probability, the research of these issues is relatively mature.
Each year, tens of lives are lost at the same black spots.
To cure those black spots, coat the ceiling with Zinsser B-I-N sealer or similar, then re-emulsion it.
YOY GSB morph through pigmentation phases where patterns of black spots unique to individual fish appear against the fish's lighter background.
Summary: Health authority discovers yellow and black spots on two batches of dietary supplements
The locations along a road where highest number of accidents occur are called black spots. Identification and modification of these spots can contribute into reducing number of the accidents.
O artigo busca analisar a metodologia estrutural comparativa, a partir de seu impacto e potencial para a disciplina de Relacoes Internacionais e de sua utilizacao em dois momentos distintos, quais sejam no inicio da decada de 80, quando Margaret Hermann a aplicou de forma sistematica e se tornou uma de seus principais expoentes, com uma vasta obra na area de analise cognitiva de liderancas politicas; bem como a partir de 2005, quando Hermann lanca mao desta mesma metodologia no ambito do grupo de pesquisa "Mapping Global Insecurities-Global Black Spots Group" sediado em Maxwell Scholl, Syracuse University, em que, juntamente com um grupo de pesquisadores, mapeia e monitora areas nao governadas no sistema internacional.
Classified as one of the black spots of the capital, this area has been transformed into a green space and a lung for the locality, after its afforestation and development over an area of CiCi2.5 ha.
These black spots comprise merely 30 km of road length-- 0.01 per cent of total road-- in Delhi but they result into an average 250 fatal and serious accidents every year.
LAHORE -- National Highways and Motorway Police (NH and MP) DIG Faran Baig on Sunday visited the accidents' black spots on national highways at Manga Mandi By-pass here.