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blab around

To talk about something in a loose or gossipy manner. A noun can be used between "blab" and "around." They are blabbing around that story as if it's the truth. Management is just casually blabbing around the idea of layoffs. Don't blab that nonsense around here, we're not buying it.
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blab out

To talk about or reveal a private or secret matter. A noun can be used between "blab" and "out." I can't believe you blabbed out the plans for her surprise party right to her face! Don't tell your little brother anything you want to keep secret because he'll definitely blab it out.
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blab something around

Inf. to gossip something to others; to spread some news or secret. It's true, but don't blab it around. Did you blab around everything I told you to keep to yourself?
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blab something out

Inf. to speak out freely about something that is a secret. Don't just blab it out! Don't blab out the names of the people who were there!
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1. n. talk; chatter; meaningless talk. I never pay any attention to blab like that.
2. tv. to tell a secret; to reveal something private in public. Tiffany blabbed the whole thing.
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Blab and hope failed to fix the problems in the workers' compensation system, just as it's done nothing to address any of the myriad other concerns that City Hall has long neglected.
Just go commit some ghoulish crime, then blab about it on national TV.
It really was one of the great moments of my life, and so I don't want to blab about it all the time.
Many people like a good gossip and your bit of news was juicer than most - but your friend was of order to blab.
The extra time will also allow each city to run more extensive background checks on USOC members who might be more apt to blab about accepting really shiny trinkets.
You shouldn't have to worry he's going to run off and blab your private business to his friends.
You'll probably blab it out when you have too much to drink next - as you clearly seem to do stupid and dangerous things when you're tipsy.
Denise blabs to Masood So of course, Denise instantly blabs the news to Masood, who needs some time to ponder what he's heard.
Tracy blabs the good news And they're moving things on at warp speed, with Nick asking her and Simon to move in - and suggesting they lie and tell people the baby is his.
Stepping out of your rut will banish the blabs and can give you the added benefit of improvements in strength, stamina, and speed.
But later in The Vic, Linda blabs that Johnny hid from the attackers, leaving him devastated.
Steve blabs to Liz that Michelle might be preggers.