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 and itsy-bitsy
very small. (Childish.) I remember when you was just an itty-bitty baby. Gramma sewed with itsy-bitsy stitches.

little bitty

very little. Can I have just a little bitty piece of that lemon meringue pie?' He was just a little bitty boy.
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and itsy-bitsy (ˈɪdiˈbɪdi and ˈɪtsiˈbɪtsi)
mod. tiny. Give me an itsy-bitsy piece. I’m on a diet.
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Regaling Bitty Jack with the story of the three hundred-pound woman who fell into the Pick a Duck pool, who "was flailing around like a pig in shit.
The Itty Bitty Bible( )is credit card-sized and weighs less than an ounce.
Bitty McLean had three UK top ten hit singles as a solo artist in 1993-94, comprising of Fats Domino's It Keeps Raining (number 2, released July 1993), Justin Hinds' Here I Stand (number 10, released January 1994) and The Shirelles Dedicated To The One I Love (number 6, released March 1994).
com)-- Leyla Fences, Texas born and bred singer, performing songwriter and recording artist has released to the public “itty bitty twang twang” her sophomore follow-up to her well-received 2010 Debut “Liars Cheats & Fools.
1 Jenny Shimizu came out to support the Itty Bitty Titty Committee Los Angeles DVD release party 2 Suzanne Westenhoefer (left) and Jennifer Houston (right) were married by Rev.
You might have read the stories about Monsignor Joseph Creegan, a man of the cloth who took his pastoral duties a wee bitty too seriously.
30pm, and the action-packed Itty Bitty Titty Committee at 6.
BITTY BOXES Gracias and his team at Johns Hopkins have coaxed two-dimensional patterns to fold into cubes and pyramids.
Justin was losing a war of wills with Little Bitty Red, a 2-year-old pygmy goat, who was using the pygmy goat showmanship competition at the Lane County Fair to showcase her obstinate behavior.
Among them, the Fluorescent Itty Bitty Book Light, and the battery-operated Audio Itty Bitty Book Light, are the newest.
But it was a far from convincing win and manager Brian Little admitted: "It was a very bitty game - we never got any rhythm.
QUILL: Life Is Life | | MIKE KELLIE: Remember My Name | | GEOFF TURTON: Family Love Song | | STEVE GIBBONS: Wonderful World | | RAYMOND FROGGATT: Movin' On | | INDICA CAMPBELL: Maybe Next Time | | KING PLEASURE & THE BISCUIT BOYS: Fat Sam From Birmingham | ELECTRIC SWING CIRCUS: Bella-Belle | | BITTY McLEAN: I've Got Love | | MAGNUM: Don't Cry Baby | | ROY WOOD: Why Do Such Pretty Girls (Sing Those Sad Songs) | ROBIN GEORGE: I Believed In You | | SAILOR: Whatever's In Your Heart | | VIX & HER Ms CHIEFS: I Sing Alone | | STEADY HANDS: Mulberry Bush | | CORNERSTONE: Rain On Me | | WHISKEY BROTHERS: Bottle Up And Go | | TIPITINA: You Are A Blessing | | DAVE SCOTT-MORGAN: 21 Today | | QUILL (feat Julie Hambleton): Life Is Life (Reprise) ?
Quiltmaker's Bitty Blocks were the inspiration for Pin Pillows.
com/), has announced that Rockwell's American Grill has partnered with Pepsi to present The Little Bitty Party Bus, where customers can win tickets to see country music star Alan Jackson live.
The bitty script leaves little room for either local references or even Dick.