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 and itsy-bitsy
very small. (Childish.) I remember when you was just an itty-bitty baby. Gramma sewed with itsy-bitsy stitches.

little bitty

very little. Can I have just a little bitty piece of that lemon meringue pie?' He was just a little bitty boy.
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and itsy-bitsy (ˈɪdiˈbɪdi and ˈɪtsiˈbɪtsi)
mod. tiny. Give me an itsy-bitsy piece. I’m on a diet.
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Visit the web site for details regarding sending an Itty Bitty Bible to a soldier you know for a small handling charge.
Visit the colorful 3D world of Bitty Buttons(TM) at www.
Launching Wednesday, March 17 in all Earth Fare locations, Itty Bitty Bites is a fun, educational program that inspires kids to make healthy lifestyle choices.
And if you're eating on the premises, little bowls are provided; so much better than those itty bitty plastic containers, which, by the way, are also available.
Big Fat Brain' Channel Breaks Into Liberal New Media Arena with 'Itty Bitty Liddy'; Changes Course of Web History with 'Tim After Tim'
20 /PRNewswire/ -- Featured on THE TODAY SHOW (09/19/2007), The Bitty Bum Padded Hipster Panty(R) from LoveFifi.
ITTY BITTY HEARTBEATS: From award-winning LevyMann Entertainment, itty bitty HeartBeats is an all-new animated musical DVD/VHS series that engages children in solving daily challenges by promoting a positive approach to life and doing things "from the heart.
Before or after dining in the Cafe, girls can visit the Bitty Baby(R) nursery, featuring the adorable Bitty Baby dolls and accessories, plus a line of Dress Like Your Doll clothes.
The box includes a variety of Three Dog's petite, all-natural treats including rrrRRRiblets(TM), Vegetable Beef Jump 'n Sit Bits(R), Peanut Butter Itty Bitty Bagels(TM) and Vegetable Chicken Itty Bitty Bones(TM) as well as an adorable plush dog toy (retail, $24.
Launching October 21 at the famed Toys "R" Us Times Square international flagship store in New York City, kids in 25 major markets across America will be taking the itty bitty HeartBeats "From the Heart" pledge -- and promising to think and act "from the heart.
Bitty Schram finds the perfect tone as his nurse/assistant Sharona - she's part doting mom and part exasperated longtime spouse.
T bids good day to his 36-inch-tall next-door neighbor, Verne Troyer, whom he affectionately calls "Itty Bitty," as the two check their morning mail.
This fun-filled event will feature appearances by life-size "itty bitty HeartBeats" characters and will introduce this exciting musical animation series to guests in attendance.
Twenty-three years of listening to customers and staff makeup artists has helped the twins to develop a unique inventory of color, treatments and an unusual category of "problem solvers" called "itty bitty fake-its".