bite off

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bite off

To use the teeth to pull off something. The bitten item can be named before or after "off." We had to take the dog to the vet after he bit off and ate a piece of a questionable-looking plant. Once the lollipop was soft enough, I bit it off the stick
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*bit off

 and *little off
a little crazy; a little out of whack. (*Typically: be ~; find someone ~.) This guy's a little off, but he is harmless.
See also: bit, off

bite something off

to remove something in a bite. Ann bit a piece off and chewed it up. She bit off a piece.
See also: bite, off
References in classic literature ?
Two maids were turning up the hem and hurriedly biting off the ends of thread.
Then, biting off a tiny bit of sugar, he bowed to his hosts, said, 'Your health
A MAN accused of biting off another's nose has denied a charge of wounding with intent.
A MAN with a history of violence has been given a hospital order after biting off part of an ear of a stranger in the street.
Dubai: A cook has been accused of biting off a chunk of his ex-fiance's ear while stalking her on the street and stealing her purse.
The post Man arrested for biting off employee's ear appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
THE two men accused of biting off the ear of former Casualty star Clive Mantle were yesterday cleared of all charges.
Melbourne, Oct 25 ( ANI ): A man from Queensland has been jailed for biting off the nose of his ex-girlfriend's new lover, after discovering them in bed together.
While Credeur did not want to go on the record with a statement, he told KATC that he was cleaning his front yard when Jacqueneaux showed up and began attacking him, biting off a chunk of his face.
A MAN has appeared in court accused of biting off a father's finger during a brawl outside a Tyneside primary school.
A MAN who admitted biting off a finger of his girlfriend's estranged husband has been cleared of wounding.
A MAN has been found guilty of biting off part of an innocent bystander's ear during a night out in Coventry.
AN ENGLISH yob has been accused of biting off a fellow Briton's finger in a football-related brawl in Majorca.
A BUSINESSMAN was jailed for three years yesterday for biting off a man's ear.
A man was yesterday cleared of biting off another man's tongue in a fight.