the biter (is) bit

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the biter (is) bit

A person who has committed wrongs is now experiencing the same kind of torment, adversity, etc. Looks like the biter bit. She's always bullied me, and now she's getting a taste of her own medicine. Ah, the biter is bit! A prankster deserves to be the target of his own tricks once in a while.
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the biter bit (or bitten)

a person who has done harm has been harmed in a similar way.
Biter was a late 17th-century term for a fraudster or trickster. In this sense it now survives only in this phrase.
2000 Locus The most common plot device in Lee's stories is the classic ‘biter bitten’ resolution.
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the biter ˈbit

the person who wanted to do harm, cheat somebody, etc., has harm done to them, is cheated, etc: It was a case of the biter bit — she’d tried to make him look foolish and ended up being ridiculed herself.
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7 CHICO FLORES Case of the biter bit, took exception to Joao Pereira theatrics and had to be restrained from continuing conversation with the Portuguese full-back at half-time.
Most racegoers bury at least six or seven grannies before having to change jobs, if only for the sake of believability, and on the rare occasions Hannon Man was not present it was assumed he was the biter bit, and had to take the day off from going racing because of a death in the family.
Ali, an instinct player, is better with the ball coming at him, and while Hanson causes his opponents' problems with his crisp hitting, this was a case of the biter bit, as the 11-7, 11-7, 11-3 scoreline in Ali's favour shows.
Even among people who wouldn't normally dream of condoning uncontrolled aggression, there's a sneaking satisfaction at seeing a biter bit and, besides, Savage presumably counts any bruises he picks up as distinguished service medals.
Containing its own best analysis, DeLillo's fiction produces a critic confined to an expository role, the poststructuralist biter bit, perhaps.
That was a case of the biter bit, because Boucher undoubtedly claimed a run-out when he lost the ball in the Old Trafford Texaco one-day international.
BITER BIT Suarez picked up a ban for Chiellini assault
There was more controversy in the seventh as Salem claimed he was butted - a clear case of the biter bit.