bite your lip

bite (one's) lip

To forcibly prevent oneself from exhibiting an outward reaction to something, especially that which makes one angry, irritated, or upset. I just had to bite my lip while the boss yelled at me for losing the account. If someone tries to provoke you, just bite your lip and keep walking.
See also: bite, lip

bite your lip

repress an emotion; stifle laughter or a retort.
See also: bite, lip

bite your ˈlip

force yourself not to express the negative emotions that you are feeling: You could tell she thought the criticism was unfair but she bit her lip and said nothing. OPPOSITE: let rip (at somebody) (with something)
See also: bite, lip
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Organise a holiday you'll both enjoy and bite your lip when you want to whine about someone.
Then bite your lip before laying into his appearance again
It's been a frustrating week for me, but you bite your lip and get on with it.
It makes you kind of bite your lip,'' Wilkins said.
These things happen and you've just got to bite your lip and get on with it.
So I'd bite your lip and keep your negative thoughts to yourself.
We get on each other's nerves now and again, but you just have times when you have to bite your lip and say nothing.
Bite Your Lips is designed to give you that just-eaten-something-red look.