bite (one's) head off

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bite (one's) head off

To respond to someone with anger that is often sudden or unprovoked. What's wrong with the boss today? I just tried to ask him a question, and he totally bit my head off!
See also: bite, head, off

bite someone's head off

Fig. to speak sharply and with great anger to someone. (Fixed order.) Don't bite my head off! Be patient. I'm very sorry I lost my tempter. I didn't mean to bite your head off.
See also: bite, head, off

bite (someone's) head off

To respond to a comment in an angry or reproachful way.
See also: bite, head, off
References in classic literature ?
You make one bite your head off, when one wants to be soothing beyond everything.
Your bull terrier is not advisable as a partner unless it is particularly friendly and will not bite your head off.
Karoline (with a K) has finally turned into the bitch troll from hell we all feared, and will bite your head off as soon as look at your draft press release.
She must be missing her son and, if you offer friendship, with a little luck she won't bite your head off and you can start afresh.
He may be a pussycat to wife Lydia - but to everyone else he's a tiger, as likely to bite your head off as look at you.
Ruby Wax, despite her funny nature, sounds as if she could bite your head off at 20 paces.