bite your nails/fingernails

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bite (one's) nails

1. Literally, to chew on one's fingernails and shorten them. I wish I didn't bite my nails, but it's been such a hard habit to try to break. My sister gets regular manicures to keep from biting her nails.
2. To nervously await something. I've been biting my nails ever since I submitted my application for my first-choice college.
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bite your ˈnails/ˈfingernails

feel very excited, nervous, or afraid ▶ ˈnail-biting adj. very exciting or tense: What an exciting movie that was — real nail-biting stuff!
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Marvel at the amazing food, bite your fingernails down with tension - but expect a cracking finale as a reward for your viewing.
It's bite your fingernails stuff at the moment but I back myself to get this club out of trouble.
bite your fingernails Katie refuses to go to the clinic for the DNA test results so Nic goes alone, leaving her nervously awaiting his return.
For the next 81 minutes, it was bite your fingernails time for the Welsh fans.