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bite on (something or someone)

1. Literally, to use the teeth to hold or take something; to chew on something. We had to take the dog to the vet after he bit on that questionable-looking plant. The teething baby bit on her rattle.
2. To be attracted to someone or something with an appealing, but ultimately false, promise. The fish are not biting on my lure today—do I need to use different bait? I can't believe those freshmen bit on the promise of going to a big party tonight. Once they get here, we're going to make them wash our gear instead!
3. To imitate or copy another person in some way. My little sister is constantly biting on me because she likes how I dress—it's so annoying!
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bite on someone

Sl. to copy something that someone else has done; to dress the same way someone else does. Nobody will bite on Sally. She has terrible taste. Jennifer is always biting on Anne, who is a careful dresser.
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bite on something

1. to chew on something; to grasp something with the teeth. The injured cowboy bit on a leather strap while they tried to fix his dislocated shoulder.
2. to respond to a lure; to fall for something. (Can refer literally to fishing, or be used figuratively.) Do you think the fish will bite on this? No one would bite on that bait. Try another approach.
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