bite (one's) lip

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bite (one's) lip

To forcibly prevent oneself from exhibiting an outward reaction to something, especially that which makes one angry, irritated, or upset. I just had to bite my lip while the boss yelled at me for losing the account. If someone tries to provoke you, just bite your lip and keep walking.
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bite your lip

repress an emotion; stifle laughter or a retort.
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bite your ˈlip

force yourself not to express the negative emotions that you are feeling: You could tell she thought the criticism was unfair but she bit her lip and said nothing. OPPOSITE: let rip (at somebody) (with something)
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Bite my lip!' and I'm thinking, `This is a 20- million dollar lip - what am I going to do here?'"
Speaking to The Seven O'Clock Show, she said: "I had to bite my lip and be as calm and polite as possible.
think i will have 2 bite my lip over the 'incident' o wait already done that!" West Brom manager Roy Hodgson defended Tamas, saying he was "100% convinced it is unintentional".
Some people I know have strong judgments, and sometimes I am unable to bite my lip, and end up biting their heads off.
One mum - who lost her son, Craig, aged just 20 in Iraq - spoke with such passion and integrity I had to bite my lip hard not to shed a tear.
'I'm quite a volatile man and had to bite my lip as my 10-year-old son was standing beside me.
I have to learn to bite my lip a bit when I feel aggrieved."
Walker fumed: "I have to bite my lip when I hear the praises of other teams being sung compared to the grudging comments made about our success.