bite (one's) lip

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bite (one's) lip

To forcibly prevent oneself from exhibiting an outward reaction to something, especially that which makes one angry, irritated, or upset. I just had to bite my lip while the boss yelled at me for losing the account. If someone tries to provoke you, just bite your lip and keep walking.
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bite your lip

repress an emotion; stifle laughter or a retort.
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bite your ˈlip

force yourself not to express the negative emotions that you are feeling: You could tell she thought the criticism was unfair but she bit her lip and said nothing. OPPOSITE: let rip (at somebody) (with something)
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References in classic literature ?
It was now Heyward's turn to bite his lip with vexation as the other so coolly alluded to a force which the young man knew to be overrated.
He told officers he was face to face with Mr Harris when he felt the man bite his lip.
And Pizza reckons he often had to bite his lip when working as the Dubliner's assistant earlier this year.
SUNDERLAND...0 ASTON VILLA....1 FURIOUS Sunderland boss Gus Poyet had to bite his lip after a harsh offside call cost his basement battlers the chance of a precious point.
But the fact that it was only Jags' second start in a while leads me to suspect he might have to bite his lip and return to the bench at the Stadium of Light.
And, despite being known for straight talking in his new role as a radio pundit, he promised to bite his lip with the judges.
The 52-test veteran and former gloveman, who says he'll bat somewhere in the top three in next Thursday's first test in Ahmedabad, has his own views about the team's management structure but sometimes has to bite his lip.
But the Blues skipper admitted that even he had to bite his lip when getting a nasty head wound stitched up on Saturday.
While the boyish Dimensional-who speaks with an indecipherable accent--won't produce a birth certificate or passport to back up this claim, he does halt a moment, bite his lip, and elaborate: "The thing is, you have to think of the Gentle People as a fantasy--for ourselves and everybody else."
He had to bite his lip to stop weeping in front of the cameras.
She had to bite his lip and drag him off for a passionate clinch!
Drenthe is a popular figure at Finch Farm and has been well accepted by the first-team dressing room, but observers must wonder if Leighton Baines has had to bite his lip at times when asked to combine with the former Real Madrid man down the left.
Did he think he could bite his lip and soldier through?
Alix popham admitted he had to bite his lip after becoming a World Cup fall guy.
Spurs were defeated 3-0 on their debut at Arsenal's new stadium but the three goals could easily have been ruled out, and the Spurs boss had to bite his lip and wait for his chance to face the Gunners again.