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The central intellectual contribution of The Tropics Bite Back is found in the way it parses out the nuances of the food metaphor in Caribbean writing.
Why Things Bite Back is a popularized treatment of a topic familiar to futurists: the consequences of introducing new technologies.
But if the wind kicks in then the course will bite back hard.
Author Jilly Cooper, speaking in an ITV1 special, Love Actually ( Camilla's Friends Bite Back, said: "Charles clearly finds her very exciting.
The organisation used the outcome of separate research to decide the issues in its Bite Back campaign.
The author of Why Things Bite Back considers how everyday inventions such as sandals, reclining chairs, and helmets affect how we use our bodies--how we sit, stand, walk, and communicate--and how those actions in turn affect our images of each other.
SINCE trade unions lost their teeth and their ability to bite back, some company bosses have used this to treat workers with the utmost contempt.
Of being bitten by dogs, he writes, ``To put a stop to this, bite back.
I admit that I prefer politicians to bite back, like David Clelland did.
The then Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, announced that he would overhaul the nation's dangerous dogs laws after years of pressure from our high-profile Bite Back campaign.
A BAA-D comedy horror set in New Zealand, land of sheep, where the lambs bite back.
Izzles bit PC Alaric Spendlove and had to be sprayed with Bite Back control chemical after going berserk in Exeter, Devon, to protect owner Helen Smith-Marriot, who was lying drunk in a shopping precinct and had to be CS gassed herself.
Goalkeeper Brad Friedel, now a respected goalkeeper at Blackburn Rovers but then an Anfield understudy, dared to bite back.
We want people to tell us what really makes them fed up by taking part in Bite Back ( the UK's largest consumer consultation.
Send the coupon to: Bite Back Talent Stage, Sunday Mail, Anderston Quay, Gasgow G3 8 DA