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1. verb, rude slang To complain or gripe about someone or something. Of course Marjorie is bitching about how I left dishes out in the kitchen—she's not happy unless everything is perfectly put away.
2. verb, rude slang To jumble up or ruin something. Boy, you really bitched this report—I'm not sure I can even fix it.
3. noun, rude slang, A female who is deemed objectionable, perhaps due to rudeness or meanness. Geez, why are you being such a bitch to me today?
4. noun, rude slang A complaint or gripe. I can't stand to hear another bitch about the state of my house right now.
5. noun, rude slang One's girlfriend. She's my bitch—of course I love her!
6. noun, rude slang Something that is very difficult or challenging, often causing annoyance or frustration. Do you have any tips for getting out a grass stain like this? It's a real bitch.


rude slang Awesome, great, or excellent. Can also be used as an exclamation. Look at his car! That's one bitchin' ride. You got us tickets to that concert? Bitchin'!


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The wisest women don't lead the pack, instead treading a fine line between bitching - always better if it's even slightly amusing as opposed to pure venom-based - and being fair-minded.
Figes describes bitching as a 'very female art form', posing the question: why should we all strive to be 'good' when being wicked can be so much fun?
Bitching takes various forms - from the office ringleaders to Hollywood divas who cancel press interviews.
Bitching can bring women together - what better bonding experience than a mutual dislike of the woman who appears to have everything - and it can sharpen their wits.
But Figes believes there is a time and a place for bitching.
and Figes believes bitching about family members to other family members or friends is acceptable (because they will surely be doing it about you).
But it's hard to know who your friends are as 44 per cent admitted to bitching about women in their group when they've slipped to the toilet.
He said: "The statistics for bitching are very high.
I want to sort through some of these delineations by revisiting Jones's (1980/1990) classic observation about bitching as a sub-category of gossip that performs on two levels: on the interpersonal level as "complaining" and on the political level as "consciousness-raising.
I will show that bitching is a complex practice that engages those who bitch with their worlds emotionally and often imaginatively.
In an extended illustration, I revisit an instance of secretarial bitching drawn from my notes on conversations among the corporate secretaries in a management consulting firm.
Bitching shares certain features with gossip, complaining, and "troubles talk.
In this sense, the reconstructive narratives of bitching are similar to conversational complaining, supporting Jones' observation that bitching operates as interpersonal complaining.
Like indirect complaints, the reconstructions of bitching target someone/something not present, include an explicit evaluative component about the injustice of a perceived offense, and entail considerable contextual framing.
Like indirect complaining, bitching can create comraderie and the pleasures of communicative connection among women who bitch together (Sacks, 1988; Brown, 1994).