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rude slang Awesome, great, or excellent. Can also be used as an exclamation. Look at his car! That's one bitchin' ride. You got us tickets to that concert? Bitchin'!


and bitchen and bitching
1. mod. excellent; great; classy. (Usually objectionable.) This is a totally bitchin’ pair of jeans!
2. exclam. Terrific! (Usually Bitchin’!) Four of them? Bitchen!


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For instance, Pell transforms a gas stove, aka Bitchen Stove, into a drag-racey flamethrower.
After working with various customizing studios, the artist accepted an invitation from Get It Up Productions to appear at a car show where she performed Bitchen Stove and Hot Rod Hopper.
I've had people tell me all about their bitchen set-up from their middle school days, but when asked if they're still skating, I seem to get a lot of "Nawws" or "Just to the liquor store" type answers.
There's some pretty bitchen fight scenes," Black says.
Can't Hardly Wait: Teen-agers jockey for love and status and learn about life while attending one bitchen party.
Like Buchanan, though, that's when it peaked; voters seem to have realized that, at its core, Mel Gibson's medieval military epic is just a really bitchen Conan movie.