bitch about

bitch about (someone or something)

rude slang To complain about someone or something. This phrase is usually indicative of the listener's annoyance about the complaints. Oh boy, which dead president is grandpa bitching about today? If you hate your job so much, quit bitching about it and look for a new one!
See also: bitch

bitch about someone or something

Inf. to complain about someone or something. (Use discretion with bitch, a word many consider coarse or vulgar.) You are always bitching about your girlfriend. Stop bitching about your job so much.
See also: bitch
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But while Kim's happy, Kanye recently deleted a message he posted online saying: "I wrote the song Perfect Bitch about Kim.
com/kanyewest) tweeted on Tuesday, "I wrote the song Perfect Bitch about (https://twitter.
Never bitch about her to others and when she bitches about anyone or anything, do the opposite and say oh, I really like her.
charged with a spiteful determination to garner information to drag along the floor to the canteen and bitch about.
But she warns not to bitch about your ex to your children - he's their father and the fight is yours, not theirs - nor should you bitch in front of, or directly, at anyone under the age of about 19.
There are lazy kids all over the US with skateparks near their houses who bitch about having nowhere to skate.
Having spent too much time listening to my own old man bitch about the apathy and depravity of kids-these-days, it sounded like a fabulous idea to me.
But strategically, bitching is both "talking with" a troubles recipient and "talking again st" the agents and the situations held accountable for the speaker's experience of injustice, as when secretaries bitch about their bosses in a mutuality of powerlessness that redresses, at least in talk, the inequities of their subordination.
Women still love to discuss their latest bargains and bitch about their rival's fashion sense.