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But now that Meyers has given the bit player a second chance, Bree finds herself in the midst of action vaguely hinted at in Eclipse.
For all its long history--it celebrates its centenary next year--it s all too easy to dismiss Vauxhall as a bit player in the General Motors empire.
Yesterday's star can easily turn into today's bit player.
In July, federal prosecutors concluded that Tondre was just a bit player in a larger scam and reduced his two felony charges to four misdemeanor counts.
The book is really about the Incarnation -- the "revealing" in the subtitle -- while showing that Mary's role in it goes far beyond that of mere bit player.
The Agenda" has long been a source of irritation to former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, who has griped to friends that he didn't get enough credit for putting the plan together and that Greenspan was just a bit player who exaggerated his importance.
It's a page audaciously lifted from the life of Waters's regular bit player Patricia Hearst, but Waters's imagination is not as ripe as his daring.
We noticed that a bit player in the union representation saga will be bowing out soon if not already.
A company owning a dozen asteroids may find that it is just a bit player in the larger scene.
Moreover, lxrun only runs on Solaris x86 for Intel, "which is a bit player in the marketplace.
Meath can prove he is more than a bit player in today's Vodafone Derby and is the each-way advice as Aidan O'Brien bids for his third win in the race following Galileo (2001) and High Chaparral (2002), writes Tony O'Hehir.
Within a year or two in the Premiership, they'd never be a bit player, but a major, major player.
Fast forward a week and now, apart from Red Scousers, Cole is a money-grabbing has-been, a Chelsea bit player who scored one good goal and has never really recovered from injury.
The last book I did was on Michael X, who was a bit player to history who lived in the docks.
FORMER Scotland star Jackie McNamara yesterday quit Aberdeen because he was not prepared to be a bit player under Jimmy Calderwood.