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Patrick Vanden Eynde's work incorporates time as well as space--a fictional and experiential universe that only emerges bit by bit. Each of his exhibitions has allowed him to replay his work, to push the evocative power of its images a little further.
Picking up on the notions of initiation, discovery and experience of the landscape emphasized by the teaching programme, the building is conceived in terms of an itinerary revealing the place bit by bit. Playing on the natural features of the site, the arrival sequence from the only access point is laid out as an oblique, linear, uphill approach route, to delay the moment the centre first comes into view.
Even as curtailing abortion rights becomes a major campaign issue in the Republican primary, President Clinton has been signing away access to abortion bit by bit. Federal employees and women in the military no longer have health insurance that covers abortion, and Clinton has yielded to rightwing pressure to cut funds for international family planning.
and bit by bit they each of them turn to stone inside their skins
Bit by bit, we've put our own stamp on this pathetic postage stamp of real estate.
While many in industry feel the Alliance dates are more reasonable and allow greater hope that HCFC replacements would be developed in time, some say the schedule is likely to be accelerated even more than the pending EPA proposal, just as the CFC phase-out deadlines have been moved up bit by bit. Consequently, they are hustling to develop alternatives to HCFCs.
Some users might be curious to see the innards of the Switch so the guys at iFixit did what they do best and dismantled the Nintendo console, bit by bit.
Before the anti-smoking brigade get all hot and bothered I'm a non-smoker and haven't smoked for nearly 20 years, but I'm also a strong believer in freedoms that, unfortunately, are gradually being eroded bit by bit by laws that are always 'in our interest.'.
So why have we been getting rid of the police force bit by bit and reducing the army by 20,000?
The Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust is raising the plane bit by bit and has so far recovered two engines and propellers.
As opportunities for young people disappear and services get worse bit by bit the fabric of society is unravelling.
Remove from heat and whisk in the butter bit by bit, continually whisking until you have a nice smooth toffee.
Washington, Jan 30 ( ANI ): U.N.-Arab League envoy to Syria Lakdar Brahimi has told the Security Council that the county 'is being destroyed bit by bit.'
BIT by bit the Government is making progress on getting immigration under control.
The EU has over the years has tried bit by bit to erode our national identity.