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1. verb To respond to an invitation or ad, often a dishonest or misleading one. I tried to trick my brother into cleaning my room, but he didn't bite.
2. verb To be bad or seem ominous. I'm surprised he was nice to you—he usually bites.
3. verb To steal or take something. Aw man, somebody bit my notes, so I couldn't study at lunch.
4. verb, slang To be annoying or disappointing. Oh, that TV show bites. This season has been so stupid that I just can't watch it.
5. noun A meal, often one that is small or doesn't take long to prepare or eat. A shortened form of the phrase "a bite to eat." We don't have a lot of time, so let's just grab a quick bite before the movie starts. Let's pull off at the next rest stop to grab a bite.

not a bit

Not at all or in any way. We are not a bit concerned about the impact it may have on our profits this year. A: "Do you mind if I tag along this afternoon?" B: "Not a bit!"
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not one bit

Not a single, tiny bit; not at all. A: "Are you nervous at all about tonight's fight?" B: "Not one bit. This is what I've been training for." I don't get one bit of gratitude from my children for everything you do to keep them happy and healthy.
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1. n. a jail sentence. (Underworld.) Mooshoo did a two-year bit in Sing Sing.
2. n. a small theatrical part. (From bit part.) It was just a bit, but I needed the money.
3. n. any part of an act; any isolated activity or presentation. I didn’t like that bit concerning penalties.
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However, that requires three times as many bits as the original did.
The AES validation test suite tests the Modes of Operation ECB, CBC, OFB, CFB (1 bit, 8 bit, and 128 bit), and CTR.
An operating system running natively in Long Mode can run existing 16- and 32-bit applications by simply clearing the L bit in the code segment descriptor of the applications.
Both also support 12 bits per RGBA component (versus 8 bits found in other workstations), thereby capable of displaying 68 billion colors (versus the typical workstation, which can display 16 million colors).