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a bit

1. A small portion, degree, or amount. It got a bit warm when the sun started shining so I'm not going to need to wear this coat today. I forgot my lunch, can I have a bit of yours? I'm afraid I've caught a bit of a cold.
2. A brief amount of time; a moment. I should be over in five minutes, so I'll see you in a bit! Well, Betty came over for a bit this morning before church. I only stayed a bit, so I didn't get any details about her new job.
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1. verb To respond to an invitation or ad, often a dishonest or misleading one. I tried to trick my brother into cleaning my room, but he didn't bite.
2. verb To be bad or seem ominous. I'm surprised he was nice to you—he usually bites.
3. verb To steal or take something. Aw man, somebody bit my notes, so I couldn't study at lunch.
4. verb, slang To be annoying or disappointing. Oh, that TV show bites. This season has been so stupid that I just can't watch it.
5. noun A meal, especially one that is small or is quick to prepare or eat. A shortening of the phrase "a bite to eat." We don't have a lot of time, so let's just grab a quick bite before the movie starts. Let's pull off at the next rest stop to grab a bite.

not one bit

Not a single, tiny bit; not at all. A: "Are you nervous at all about tonight's fight?" B: "Not one bit. This is what I've been training for." I don't get one bit of gratitude from my children for everything you do to keep them happy and healthy.
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1. n. a jail sentence. (Underworld.) Mooshoo did a two-year bit in Sing Sing.
2. n. a small theatrical part. (From bit part.) It was just a bit, but I needed the money.
3. n. any part of an act; any isolated activity or presentation. I didn’t like that bit concerning penalties.
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