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bite the biscuit

1. To die, break down, or become defunct. We all have to bite the biscuit someday. I drove that truck everywhere for 25 years, but it finally bit the biscuit yesterday.
2. To face up to, undertake, or confront some unpleasant or risky situation, action, or responsibility. You were the only person here when the television broke, so you might as well bite the biscuit and tell me the truth. I guess we'd better bite the biscuit and get this over with.
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have had the biscuit

To be no longer functional or useful; to be dead or about to perish. Primarily heard in Canada. This old truck has served me well, but after lasting 20 years, it's finally had the biscuit. Despite the doctor's best efforts, it looked as though I'd had the biscuit.
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take the biscuit

To be the most disappointing, annoying, shocking, outrageous, or egregious thing to have happened or been done. (Usually said hyperbolically.) But when I found out that he had been reading through my text messages, well, that took the biscuit! The government is using the taxes from the working class to bail out the banks that ruined the economy? That really takes the biscuit!
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son of a sea biscuit

Euph. a person, usually a male. (sometimes a substitute for son of a bitch.) Why, good to see you, you old son of a sea biscuit. You son of a sea biscuit! You make me so mad I could slug you.
See also: biscuit, of, sea, son

take the biscuit

If someone or something takes the biscuit, they represent the most extreme example of something stupid or bad. For dirty tricks I can assure you it is the medical practice that really take the biscuit. I've heard some odd things in my time but that took the biscuit. This ban takes the biscuit. The whole idea is ridiculous and bureaucratic and not fair on the children. Note: This expression has a similar origin to `take the cake', which refers to the practice in the past of awarding cakes as prizes in competitions. Compare with take the cake.
See also: biscuit, take

have had the biscuit

be no longer good for anything; be done for. Canadian informal
1994 Equinox I thought I'd had the biscuit. I was more than 12 kilometres from camp, I didn't have a coat…and it was about 40 below.
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take the biscuit (or bun or cake)

be the most remarkable. informal
1925 P. G. Wodehouse Letter Of all the poisonous, foul, ghastly places, Cannes takes the biscuit with absurd ease.
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take the ˈbiscuit

(British English) (also take the ˈcake American English, British English ) (informal) be especially surprising, annoying, etc: Well, that really takes the biscuit! She asks if she can borrow the car, then keeps it for a month!
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air biscuit

n. a breaking of wind; a fart. (see also cut a muffin.) Who is responsible for that air biscuit?
See also: air, biscuit


n. the head. (see also float an air-biscuit.) She got a nasty little bump on the biscuit.

float an air biscuit

tv. to break wind; to fart. (see also cut a muffin.) Who floated the air biscuit? P.U.
See also: air, biscuit, float

gorilla biscuits

and gorilla pills
n. amphetamines. (Drugs.) Stay away from gorilla biscuits. He’s high on gorilla pills.
See also: biscuit, gorilla

mystic biscuit

n. a chunk of peyote cactus. (Drugs.) Willy thought he got a piece of mystic biscuit, but it was just a moldy raisin.
See also: biscuit

square biscuit

n. a plain, drab, and dull person. Old Roger is a square biscuit and acts like a school marm.
See also: biscuit, square
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5 January 2010 - Nestle today inaugurated a new R&D Centre for biscuits and cereal-based products in Santiago, Chile.
It is said that during World War I, these biscuits were sent by women to the soldiers fighting in the war because the biscuits had a long shelf life and didn't spoil easily.
10, is a "107g Cadbury Biscuit Assortment Box - Cadbury Milk Chocolate Biscuits in seven varieties".
The bakery industry are one of the largest organized food industries all over the world and particularly biscuits are one of the most popular products because it is economically cheaper as well as consider to be luxurious gifts for infants and school going children who are under weight.
Mondelez International and Burton's Biscuit company have agreed that Cadbury-branded biscuits will continue to be manufactured in Burton's factories by their employees under a co-manufacturing agreement.
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The Cadbury Oreo brand has gained strong consumer equity since its launch in 2011, making it one of India's most loved biscuit brands.
Two Emirates Boeing 777s were dispatched, full to the brim with emergency biscuit aid as the UK faced up to the stark reality of a national shortage of biscuit.
Dubai: Emirates has flown two cargo planes filled with 90,000 kilograms of biscuits in response to a biscuit shortage in the UK, an Emirates spokesperson confirmed on Tuesday.
Save time carrying out entry-level research by identifying the size, growth, major segments, and leading players in the global biscuits market
The biscuits were analyzed for moisture, crude protein, fat and ash using standard methods [10].
When Southerners send requests for daily bread, I am almost certain that daily biscuits are what they are truly asking for.
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