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Matthews said the people who have been attending the protests have been hard to categorize, but said other movements, such as the so-called "birther" movement that questions whether President Barack Obama is actually an American citizen, are on the fringe and have clear racial undertones.
This isn't the first time Trump's alleged dislike of Obama has made headlines. During one of last year's presidential primaries, Hillary Clinton accused Trump of constructing his entire political career on a "racist birther lie" that Obama was born in Kenya, not the United States.
"It's a good issue to keep alive," Perry said of the so-called birther controversy, which he revived in a Parade magazine interview published over the weekend.
The so-called birther controversy arose during the 2008 presidential campaign, asserting Obama had not been born in the United States as required by Article 2 of the U.S.
So-called "birthers" have c l a ime d Ob ama wa s actually born in his father's native Kenya, making him ineligible to be president.
Birther - A conspiracy theorist who challenges President Obama's US birth certificate
( Starting in 2011 , Trump led the "birther" controversy against Obama, alleging that he was not born in the United States and thus ineligible to be president. 
28 ( ANI ): President Barack Obama made a joke about the 'birther' movement's unwavering interest in his birth certificate during a campaign visit to New Hampshire.
In Perry's case, yesterday's effort to roll out an economic agenda was of course complicated by his own birther plunge.
Trump's political career began with his suggestion that Obama was not born in the United States, driving what became known as the "birther" movement.
The move is Trump's latest in a two-year effort to inject himself into the race for the White House, in which he twice flirted with running for office himself and brought the 'birther' conspiracy to fever pitch by publicly questioning the existence of Obama's birth certificate, the report said.
Rick Perry was doing with the birther issue, he isn't doing it anymore.
Trump famously led the so-called "birther movement," which firmly believed that President Barack Obama was born in the African nation of Kenya and not in the U.S.
London, Aug 25 ( ANI ): Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney's 'birther' remarks reportedly drew a swift response from President Barack Obama's campaign, who claimed that the presumptive GOP nominee had 'embraced' the most 'strident' voices of his party.
Berman, who has filed a "birther" bill this session that would force future presidential and vice presidential candidates to show their birth certificate in order to get on the Texas ballot, said he's got several key questions with Obama's birth certificate: Why did it take the president so long, amid a conservative firestorm, to release it?