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| Lesley Byrne: My mum was born in Walton, she was in next bed to Paul, born the same day xxx happy birthday Paul Mac xxx | Sylvia Jamieson: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR PAUL", thanks for the joy your artistry brought to our lives over so many years, long may it continue | Mary Elizabeth Kollak: Congratulations!
Meanwhile, notable Nigerian celebrities have also taken to various social media platform to celebrate with the business tycoon on his birthday.
Meanwhile, Naig took to her own Instagram account in the early hours of Thursday to write a sweet birthday message for her husband.
President Khama during his tenure never threw huge bashes to celebrate his birthday like other heads of state elsewhere.
Since earlier this month, fans placed birthday congratulatory ads at 18 subway stations in Seoul.
The new feature will provide a customised video including either a photo of a user and their close friend or - if there is no tagged photo available - their friend's profile picture, which will be shown to you on the day of a close friend's birthday.
Also, bite-sized birthday cake truffles feature cheeky sayings tucked into an artfully decorated box with messages such as 'You don't look a day over fabulous'.
And Kerry Jobling of Blaydon said: "My son Joey celebrated his first real birthday. Joey had a superhero birthday party on Sunday.
"We've all been told by Aishwarya to be very quiet about the birthday party," Abhishek's friend told ( Bollywood Hungama.
Amitabh Bachchan, wife Jaya Bachchan, son-in-law Nikhil Nanda, daughter Shweta Nanda, son Abhishek Bachchan and daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan during a party on the eve of Amitabh Bachchan's 70th birthday
Creators Pam Koester and Wendy Carson today announced the formal launching of their new party concept: The Virtual Birthday Party.
Pat on your 75th Birthday. Today we cannot send you a birthday card, your hand we cannot touch but God will take our love to you because your missed so much.
THE GIRL is cross with me for having a birthday so close to Mother's Day.
PLEASE wish our daughter (Witch), Mollie, a happy, belated eighth birthday for October 1 and our son (Rat), Jac, happy seventh birthday for October 31.