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a little birdie told me

A phrase used when one does not want to reveal the source of the information that one is about to share or has shared. A: "Did you hear that Mark is planning to propose to Sarah soon?" B: "Yes, a little birdie told me." A little birdie told me that George interviewed for that open position in human resources, so maybe we'll be free of him sooner than later. Don't worry, I don't reveal my sources of gossip. So when Carly asked how I knew about her new relationship, I just said that a little birdie told me.
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sing like a birdie

To inform (against someone) to the police or other authority about their criminal or illicit behavior. I heard Joey Malone has been singing like a birdie in the hopes of getting his sentence reduced. Let's make sure he's sleeping with the fishes before he gets to trial!
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Watch the birdie!

cliché, dated Said by a photographer to his subject, especially a child, in order to capture their attention before a photograph. In the early days of photography, photographers used small toy bird mounted above the camera lens to draw the subject's gaze. Now, as the last step of the process, I'll need to get a picture of you to put on your license. Watch the birdie!
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and birdie
mod. crazy; strange. She acts a little birdy from time to time.
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A circular, rotating set helps us jump from the past to a mental hospital where Birdy (Wallace Acton), witness to a World War II horror, is now mute, but amusingly bird-like in his movements.
He earned the nickname Birdy as an 11-year-old boy when he made his broadcasting debut mimicking blackbirds on BBC Radio.
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