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a little birdie told me

A phrase used when one does not want to reveal the source of the information that one is about to share or has shared. A: "Did you hear that Mark is planning to propose to Sarah soon?" B: "Yes, a little birdie told me."
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1. noun A score of one stroke under par on a single hole. You had four strokes on that par five, right? So that's a birdie. I can't believe you got a birdie on such a difficult hole—great job!
2. verb To score one stroke under par on a single hole. I can't believe you birdied on that difficult hole—great job! I'll finish with a better score than you if I birdie the next hole too—just saying.

sing like a birdie

To inform (against someone) to the police or other authority about their criminal or illicit behavior. I heard Joey Malone has been singing like a birdie in the hopes of getting his sentence reduced. Let's make sure he's sleeping with the fishes before he gets to trial!
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and birdie
mod. crazy; strange. She acts a little birdy from time to time.


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