You bet your life!

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You bet your (sweet) life!

 and You bet your boots!; You bet your life!; You bet your (sweet) bippy.
Inf. Fig. You can be absolutely certain of something! Mary: Will I need a coat today? Bill: You bet your sweet life! It's colder than an iceberg out there. Bill: Will you be at the game Saturday? Tom: You bet your boots!
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You bet your sweet bippy there'll be some lawsuits filed," one construction source says.
Not on your sweet bippy, unless it is no longer in the US strategic interest to stay.
The former Mattafix frontman has gone off on his own pop solo route and the single from this - the piano, voice and bippy boppy Euro pop of New Age - spent two months at the top of the Germany charts with the hookline "are you lovin' the pain.
They did not publicly applaud the gravy poured on the equally hapless Kansas City Chiefs, but you can bet your bippy that they'll be around in a few years seeking equal--or probably greater--largess to put a feather on the Ugly Dome and call it macaroni.
Dick Martin, who has died, aged 86, was the laid-back, ditzy half of the duo, whose act had a nod to Dean Martin (no relation) with a catchphrase: "Ohhh, I'll drink to that", plus the surreal: "You bet your sweet bippy.
No, the jockeys won't be helped by this, and you can bet your sweet bippy that the handlers themselves won't be reaping any great reward.
Seeing as how young Rafe will be a cultural pawn as events develop, you can bet your bippy Pierce will make the sure-handed choice.
Be aware: any time you see a template as part of the front grille assembly you can bet your bippy that almost without exception the speaker is meant to be used with the front grille in place.
So that Bobby Jones would be Bippy, like, many Bobby Joneses, and they would just keep coming.
You can bet your bippy on that, but I am firmly convinced that the onus should be borne by that merry practice whereby society employs euphemisms like "moppery" and "star-gazing" to characterize the attempted forcible rape of a child.
Rowan and Martin also appeared together in comedy western film Once Upon a Horse and in the 1969 horror spoof film The Maltese Bippy, with Julie Newmar.
If I could do it all over again, you bet your sweet bippy I'd tell my teammates what's going on.
Bippy Siegal, Chairman and founder of Modern Bank, said, "Jeff Lane is a proven and respected leader with nearly 40 years of experience at a number of Wall Street's top financial institutions.
You bet your sweet bippy - Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.
Energy Analyzer provides an invaluable tool to help small businesses more effectively monitor their energy usage and ultimately reduce overhead costs," said Bippy Siegal, president and CEO of AllBusiness.