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biological clock is ticking

Of a woman, there is a limited amount of time in which to be able to conceive a child. I've been very successful in my career and want to see it to its fullest, but I would also love to have kids, and I know my biological clock is ticking. For women who may want to have children, their biological clocks are always ticking—a concern that men never have to worry about.
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clock is ticking, the

The time (for something to be done) is passing quickly; hurry up. For example, The clock is ticking on that project. This allusion to a stopwatch is often used as an admonition to speed something up. It also is used in more specific form- one's biological clock is ticking-meaning that a woman may soon be too old to bear a child, as in Her biological clock is ticking-she just turned forty.
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The negotiated protocol is expected to establish the Organization for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons, which will administer certain aspects of the protocol, including investigations.
However, if the responsible organization is not willing to convey the suspicions to the government or to the Organization for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons, the public health experts may be in an awkward position, fraught with conflicting professional, political, and ethical responsibilities.
First, the Organization for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons might assist the executive council by providing a technical analysis of the evidence.
As procedures are developed to share information among health organizations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons, the implications for public health need to be considered.
Features of an Outbreak Investigation under a Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Protocol
Most scientific aspects of an outbreak investigation in a Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention context are identical to those of a comparable investigation in a public health context.
The investigation's team leader will need to be a full-time member of the Organization for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons, with experience in supervising epidemiologic investigations and in handling the diplomatic issues of weapons control compliance.
For the public health community and their colleagues in plant and animal epidemiology, negotiating a protocol to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention will establish formal procedures for the investigation of certain outbreaks.
The negotiated weapons convention protocol will improve security against biological attack.
We believe Virosome Biologicals' proprietary technology could therefore be a vitally important part of many vaccine programmes.
Prior to completing any acquisition during 2006, we have successfully secured the opportunity to work closely with Virosome Biologicals through the option period whilst their lead trial progresses."
Hans van Berkum, CEO of Virosome Biologicals, commented: "We are very pleased with the initial investments by Norwood Immunology.
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