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biological clock is ticking

Of a woman, there is a limited amount of time in which to be able to conceive a child. I've been very successful in my career and want to see it to its fullest, but I would also love to have kids, and I know my biological clock is ticking. For women who may want to have children, their biological clocks are always ticking—a concern that men never have to worry about.

clock is ticking, the

The time (for something to be done) is passing quickly; hurry up. For example, The clock is ticking on that project. This allusion to a stopwatch is often used as an admonition to speed something up. It also is used in more specific form- one's biological clock is ticking-meaning that a woman may soon be too old to bear a child, as in Her biological clock is ticking-she just turned forty.
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The US consisted either of the 2s simultaneous presentation of the intermittent white flashing screen plus the biologically potent human scream or the 0.
The prevalence of each feature was compared between the biologically benign and biologically malignant cases.
For fast deficiency completion of biologically active substances which do not arrive in sufficient quantities.
Why are the biologically based CAM approaches of such high interest?
The LWWC program was funded by one of two original Biologically Integrated Farming Systems (BIFS) grants awarded by UC's Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program's (SAREP).
The casing has biologically active agents covalently bonded to the base polymer.
In the well-publicized Gwen Araujo case, two men were convicted of second-degree murder and each sentenced to 15 years to life in prison after a California jury refused to buy their "transgender panic" defense that they killed the teen in October 2002 due to the shock of discovering that she was biologically male.
A scientific study showed that male nematode worms lived twice as long when they were biologically altered to prevent sperm loss.
In this book, biomineralization means biologically mediated mineral precipitation, that is, both biologically controlled as well as biologically induced, the latter sometimes referred to as organomineralization.
It redefines race and ethnicity as follows: Race--a socially constructed classification and therefore not determined biologically but socially and psychologically (Robert Jason, March 23, 2004).
The pressure is in the form of a petition recommending that some materials be prohibited from being "disposed in the ground where it keeps the waste load potentially biologically active--and capable of generating a whole second wave of dangerous leachate and landfill gases when site engineering systems fail--effectively forever," the coalition says.
The information relates to the annual average effort exerted over the reference period 1998-2002, on the one hand, by vessels longer than or equal to 15 metres in the waters concerned, outside the biologically-sensitive area and, on the other, vessels greater than or equal to 10m in the biologically sensitive area.
This new information now can be used to construct a better polymeric lipid membrane mimic containing a biologically active membrane protein.
Given the consequences of Nazi racial science, people of Ashkenazi descent have reason to fear the notion that they're somehow biologically distinct.
A new position statement that reaffirms ASAE's historical role as a leader in biologically based engineering practice and education has been recently adopted by ASAE.
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