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biological clock is ticking

Of a woman, there is a limited amount of time in which to be able to conceive a child. I've been very successful in my career and want to see it to its fullest, but I would also love to have kids, and I know my biological clock is ticking. For women who may want to have children, their biological clocks are always ticking—a concern that men never have to worry about.

clock is ticking, the

The time (for something to be done) is passing quickly; hurry up. For example, The clock is ticking on that project. This allusion to a stopwatch is often used as an admonition to speed something up. It also is used in more specific form- one's biological clock is ticking-meaning that a woman may soon be too old to bear a child, as in Her biological clock is ticking-she just turned forty.
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These findings and earlier analyses by his group, Calabrese says, show that measurable biological effects at low doses appear to be more the norm than an anomaly.
1) Tina Slade, left, and Jennifer Tanyatanaboon prepare an F-16 for a simulated biological contamination test at Edwards.
The biological factors implicated in this difference focus on the role of reproductive hormones.
Government labs went through thousands of samples of biological warfare organisms.
The terror created from an unknown, undetectable biological agent can be greater than the terror from explosives and natural disasters, because people do not know if they may be infected.
Nine months before, Pat Anthony agreed to serve as a surrogate mother for her own daughter's biological infants.
For the first time, instead of considering biological connections alone, the court addressed the issue of the child's upbringing.
Biological events are generally covert unless the perpetrator gives early warning and may not be suspected for some time.
Alibekov's story is that it is not only an expose of biological horrors, but also the revelation of a system that created a medium in which more than 60,000 people, a young Kazakh officer among them, willingly dedicated their talents and lives to cultivating deadly germs.
At the Forest Service Center for Biological Control of Forest Insects and Diseases in Hamden, Connecticut, scientists continue to study the biology of gypsy moth parasites.
Currently, many countries have seen the advantages of the biological diesel made of coal.
A new study finds that homosexuality grows more likely with the greater number of biological older brothers--those sharing both father and mother--that a male has.
Along with it, technological advances steadily pave the way for a more complete understanding of biology and for realization that integration of molecular information into existing knowledge is essential to unraveling the complexity of biological systems.
We know that he has stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons throughout his country.
Due to continuing concerns about bioterrorism and the potential for future anthrax attacks, GAO was asked to audit controls over public sales of excess DOD biological equipment and chemical and biological protective clothing that could be used to produce and disseminate biological warfare agents.