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bio queen

A performance artist whose sex is biologically female but who performs in the exaggerated style and dress of a male drag queen. Also known as a faux queen. To be honest, that bio queen's performance was so good that I couldn't tell her apart from the drag queens.
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bio dad

One's biological father, as opposed to one's adoptive father (or perhaps other non-biological father figure). I finally found my bio dad by using some genealogy sites and Facebook.
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bio mom

One's biological mother, as opposed to one's adoptive mother (or perhaps other non-biological mother figure). I finally found my bio mom by using some genealogy sites and Facebook.
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bio break

euphemism A break to urinate or defecate; a bathroom break. I need a bio break, so I'll be right back.
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bio break

n. a toilet break. (Contrived and euphemistic.) She out of pocket for a bio break.
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He said a bio gas plant also helped of saving Rs 30,000 to 43,000 annually as compared to use of other fuels wood and LPG gas.
Through the company's technology access and therapeutic programs, Karo Bio USA is creating a pipeline of novel pharmaceuticals that act on the wealth of targets coming from genomics.
In addition to its unique off-white shade and high bulk, BIO TOP 3 also has an impeccable environmental profile that will appeal to those seeking credibility and authenticity in communication.
CP Gurnani, MD & CEO, Tech Mahindra said The BIO Agency and Tech Mahindra will create one of the worlds leading innovation practices.
An agreement is signed by Norske Skog to sell its remaining 49% stake in the Brazilian Pisa newsprint mill to Chilean company Papeles Bio Bio.
Summary: Evolving sentiments around sustainability is driving the demand for bio based pigments and dyes.
Contract awarded for Retinues service cultural implementation of the borough of high bio bio, bio bio region.
Summary: The global bio vanillin market has been bifurcated on the basis of geography and application to study the global bio vanillin market based on myriad factors impacting bio vanillin market, with each section providing details about the qualitative as well as quantitative aspects of bio vanillin.
Today Roche announced the global launch of its Cedex Bio HT Analyzer for the highly reliable determination of metabolites and substrates in mammalian and microbial cell fermentation.
Global Bio Based Polyethylene Terephthalate (Bio PET) Market Report 2019 explores future trends for supply, demand and market growth rate, market size, prices, trading, competition and value chain as well as Key Players of the industry's information with forecast from 2019 to 2024.
Bio vanillin plays important role in enhancing shelf life, aroma, flavor, and taste of food and beverage products.
Under the MoU, bio-safety and bio-security practices will be strengthened in the PMAS-AAUR and the ABM will provide technical support to the laboratories of the University on a regular basis regarding bio safety and security.
M2 PHARMA-May 31, 2019-Beam Therapeutics signs exclusive cross-licence agreements with Bio Palette
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