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bio queen

A performance artist whose sex is biologically female but who performs in the exaggerated style and dress of a male drag queen. Also known as a faux queen. To be honest, that bio queen's performance was so good that I couldn't tell her apart from the drag queens.
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bio break

n. a toilet break. (Contrived and euphemistic.) She out of pocket for a bio break.
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Other Bio Bio trips include rafting and hiking in Peru (June-July), Zambezi River rafting in Africa (August-September), climbing Kilimanjaro (September-October) and multisport adventures in Patagonia in Chile (December-March).
The CalSalmon trip is also a way for people to check out Class V rafting and see if they like it before they make the commitment to one of Bio Bio Expedition's longer trips to South America and Africa.
Bio Bio (pronounced bee-oh bee-oh) is the name of a once-wild and now dammed river in Chile where the company got its start about 10 years ago.
As more users start to upgrade their PC's, they will be faced with difficult decisions regarding hardware and software compatibility with the system BIOS installed on the PC.
BIOS Wizard leverages Touchstone's existing leading edge BIOS technology and knowledge and provides automatic testing and resource detection of a PC's BIOS and provides a link to Touchstone's eSupport.
By implementing BIOS Wizard we were able to quickly identify potential problems and proceed with a successful implementation, which allows us to realize a cost savings in a relative short period time.