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legally binding

Requiring or establishing a legal obligation. I thought it was just a simple petition, not a legally binding contract. Your response is legally binding, so be very careful what you say.
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bind over

1. To present a criminal to a legal authority. A noun can be used before or after "over." A: "Who's being interrogated?" B: "Someone the guys on patrol bound over to our department last night."
2. To use a legal obligation to induce a particular action (such as appearing in court or avoiding trouble), as of a criminal. A noun can be used before or after "over." My lawyer believes that the judge will bind me over in exchange for my good behavior.
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bind up

To wrap something or someone in a material. A noun can be used before or after "up." I bound up my foot in a bandage to try to reduce the swelling. Bind yourself up in blankets if you're cold.
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bind someone or something up (in something)

 and bind someone or something up (with something)
to tie someone or something up in something. They bound the books up in leather straps. I will bind up the larger sticks in strong cord.
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bind someone over (to someone or something)

to deliver someone to some legal authority; to deliver someone to some legal authority. (A legal usage.) They bound the suspect over to the sheriff. The sheriff will bind over the suspect to the county jail.
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bind over

Oblige someone to do or not do something; hold on bail or keep under bond. For example, The sheriff will bind over the murder suspect to the homicide division. This phrase is nearly always used in a legal context. [Late 1500s]
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bind over

To put someone under a financial obligation as a guarantee of that person's appearance at trial or of his or her good behavior for a period of time: I was arrested for littering, and the court bound me over to keep the peace for six months. After a brief hearing, the judge bound over the accused murderer for trial and set the bail at one million dollars.
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Because the heel is free with telemark bindings you genuflect on one bent knee to turn when going downhill.
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The IRS is conducting a two-year pilot program under which a taxpayer and the IRS Office of Appeals can jointly request binding arbitration in certain cases.