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But there was a common link to bind them together. To single himself out from all other Norwood builders the landlord had devised and laid out a common lawn tennis ground, which stretched behind the houses with taut-stretched net, green close-cropped sward, and widespread whitewashed lines.
He added that his decision in selecting which candidates to endorse was not based on party affiliation, noting it was their 'common democratic ideals' that bind them together.
In a statement, Anwar urged all Malaysians to strengthen the ties that bind them together, especially when the country has recently witnessed attempts to hijack the peaceful co-existence.
To bind them together, she decides to create something that will belong only to them, a special thing that they'll always share between the four of them.
Dark matter reveals itself to astronomers in the way its gravity affects stars and galaxies, helping to bind them together and give the universe structure.
North Tyneside Council is safeguarding the dunes at Tynemouth Longsands, using fencing as well as marram and lyme grass plants, which help to bind them together.
In Smart's lexicon, romance doesn't mean beaches and candlelight dinners; for central characters Vincent and Annie, a geeky private language and sleepy early-morning smooches are what bind them together. Vincent, however, is both inspired and hamstrung by the courtly missives exchanged by his French grandparents.
They have distinctive cultural traditions that bind them together as a community," such as ceremonies that involve children, he said.
You become as interested in their back stories and the trials that make them tick as you are in the adventures that bind them together. It is worth a reader's while to get to know them.
(The music dissipates his anger, not fuels it.) Sam's story of his first real love will resonate with many YA readers, most of whom have experienced something like this relationship--the chemistry is powerful, but the connections that bind them together are weak.
The two gravitational beasts must get considerably closer than a light-year--near enough for their mutual gravity to bind them together. Otherwise, two lower-mass black holes would persist in the galaxy instead of a single really big one at the center.
Two strands bind them together. One is the play of lawyerly maneuver, especially in the form of consilia, professional opinions interpreting civil and statute law on behalf of litigants or to inform judges.
If nothing else, this peripatetic life-style has taught me that AICPA members have much more to bind them together than they have to keep them apart.
'It is also a day that 53 countries with a shared history come together to cherish the ties that bind them together. Collectively, they will continue to provide opportunities for a better future for its citizens in political, social and economic dimensions,' the statement said.