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Describing a person who identifies as exclusively male or exclusively female, or describing such a gender identity. I may be binary, but that doesn't stop me from supporting non-binary people.

gender binary

The idea that there are only two distinct genders (male and female). Many people don't believe in the gender binary because they don't identify as solely male or female.
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Describing a person who does not identify as exclusively male or exclusively female, or describing such a gender identity. Even though I look like a woman, my experience of gender has always been nonbinary.
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The experimental values of VE, In and IG*E correlated well with the Redlich-Kister equation and for the binaries systems better than ternary system.
However, about half of the dozen X-ray binaries put forth by Hailey's team could actually contain something other than a black hole as the source for the X-ray output.
The measured runtime overhead of randomized binaries affects the execution time of a binary.
“Disassembly tools have been available for analyzing binaries, but analyzing low-level machine code manually, or even with scripts, is extremely time consuming and not really a scalable approach to identifying vulnerabilities,” said Paul Anderson, VP of Engineering at GrammaTech.
Using trusted binaries running locally would not help for the same reasons.
The first essay, "Is Female to Male as Ground Is to Figure?" presents not only an interesting question but also a model for critiquing binaries by asking how the figure in the foreground is framed by the background.
When eclipsing binaries orbit each other closely, within about 10 days or less, Fleming and co-authors wondered, do tides -- the gravitational forces each exerts on the other -- have "dynamical consequences" to the star system?
These "capture binaries" have two significant differences when compared to co-evolved binaries: their spin axes will be randomly oriented, because the black holes themselves were born separately.
Astronomers had expected that the same process that leads a cluster's most massive stars to gravitate toward the center would also apply to binaries. This is because together, the stars that make up binaries have more mass on average than a single star.
ASP Conference on Binaries --Key to Comprehension of the Universe (2009: Brno, Czech Republic) Ed.
A sub-class of binary systems are X-ray binaries, the systems in which a compact object (a white dwarf, neutron star or a black hole formed after collapse of an ordinary star) and a stellar companion, orbit each other at a distance small enough to enable mass transfer from the companion star to the compact object.
Interacting binaries; accretion, evolution, and outcomes; proceedings.
For example, one theory has it that the most massive galaxies, as inferred by measurements of their total starlight, have the most X-ray binaries. Instead, says Kraft, the Chandra data suggest that the X-ray binary population may be determined by factors such as the number of dense groupings of stars, where increased star proximity may encourage cannibalism.