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like billyo


like billy-oh

If someone is doing something or something is happening like billyo or like billy-oh, it is being done or happening to a great degree and with a lot of energy. They were swinging their partners around like billyo. It is still very wet and so everything is growing like billy-oh
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like billy-o

very much, hard, or strongly. British informal
1995 John Banville Athena This skin tone is the effect of cigarettes, I suspect, for she is a great smoker…going at the fags like billy-o.
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like ˈbilly-o

(British English, informal) very much or very enthusiastically: They worked like billy-o to get it finished on time.
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and bill(y) (ˈbɪli)
n. paper money; a bill. Do you have any billies on you? Lend me a billy or two.


See billie
References in classic literature ?
That's you, Bill," returned Black Dog, "you're in the right of it, Billy.
And now, Master Billy Bones, if that be your name, we'll have a look at the colour of your blood.
I've a very great mind to give you a number-one kicking," said Billy.
We aren't taught that way," said Billy the mule stiffly.
I doubt if that oak Billy Beartup throwed in Reuben's Ghyll will be fit for her drawin-room floor in less than seven," Cloke drawled.
For, yielding as Rose was in all other matters, where Billy was concerned she was simply imperturbable.
To her, the relative importance of the farm to Billy was as simple as a problem in addition.
Jones and old Billy Maunders all telling you that they had caught it.
I recall the feeling of sorrow which existed among the slaves when they heard of the death of "Mars' Billy.
Diana Barry, rosy and dimpled, shadowed by the faithful Fred; Jane Andrews, neat and sensible and plain; Ruby Gillis, looking her handsomest and brightest in a cream silk blouse, with red geraniums in her golden hair; Gilbert Blythe and Charlie Sloane, both trying to keep as near the elusive Anne as possible; Carrie Sloane, looking pale and melancholy because, so it was reported, her father would not allow Oliver Kimball to come near the place; Moody Spurgeon MacPherson, whose round face and objectionable ears were as round and objectionable as ever; and Billy Andrews, who sat in a corner all the evening, chuckled when any one spoke to him, and watched Anne Shirley with a grin of pleasure on his broad, freckled countenance.
You fella Narada, you fella Billy, take um this fella boy along tree and make fast, hands high up," was Sheldon's command.
You fella Billy catch whip, give that fella Arunga ten fella three times.
Evans, "I think Billy Jackson is a much better name for it.
At night my room is like the shaft of a coal mine, and it makes Billy Jackson look like the big diamond pin that Night fastens her kimono with.
They had dinner in the open-air, tree-walled dining-room, and Saxon noted that it was Billy who paid the reckoning for the four.