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bill and coo

To kiss, nuzzle, and talk sweetly with another person, typically a romantic partner. All my sister and her boyfriend do is bill and coo—it's so nauseating.
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bulk billing

The practice of charging the costs of a patient's care by a general practitioner, hospital, or other health service provider to Medicare, the Australian government's universal health insurance system. Primarily heard in Australia. Recent legislation is aimed at introducing a mandatory co-pay for all bulk billing by GPs and hospitals.
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double bill

1. noun A program of two feature-length films shown one after the other, or (by extension) any program featuring two primary events back-to-back. They are showing the original film and its sequel in a fantastic double bill this Friday! Both the governor and state senator will speak as part of a double bill at the fundraising gala later this evening.
2. verb To play a film as part of a double feature (i.e., to show it immediately before or after another). Often hyphenated. They're going to double-bill the sequel alongside the original film this Friday.
3. verb To charge separate accounts for the same cost. The lawyer was disbarred for double-billing his clients and the state for dozens of cases during his career.
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top billing

1. The placement of the name of the main star, performer, or other headliner at the top of a film or theatrical poster or playbill or other promotional material. I'm keeping this poster because this is the first time I've gotten top billing!
2. By extension, a position of prominence or primary recognition. You did the most work on this report, so you should get top billing.
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bill and coo

If two lovers bill and coo, they kiss and talk together in a loving way. I just have to stand there grinding my teeth while they bill and coo. Note: In this expression, lovers are being compared to a pair of doves touching their beaks or bills together and cooing.
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bill and coo

exchange caresses or affectionate words; behave or talk in a very loving or sentimental way. informal, dated
The image is of two doves, a long-established symbol of mutual love.
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bill and coo

in. to kiss and cuddle. (In the manner of love birds.) Keep an eye on those kids. They aren’t going to be satisfied with billing and cooing forever, you know.
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bill and coo

To kiss or caress and murmur endearments.
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bill and coo

To hug and kiss. A sweet old-fashioned phrase for necking, making out, smooching, or playing kissy-face—the way that courting birds touch bills and emit soft cooing noises before they get down to the real mating game.
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The "Facility Suite" of RH+ modules includes: Billing, AR, Resident Funds, AP, GL, PR and Clinical Information System (MDS, Care Plans, Preadmissions, PPS and more).
While it's best to disallow such charges, some large clients permit their outside law firms to bill at half their hourly billing rates for nonproductive travel time.
The above description of fraudulent and abusive billing practices represents just such an ethical dilemma.
The SNF or NF does not have to do the actual billing. It may either contract with a billing service or use its own staff to process the bills for Medicare.
When CPAs make this salary calculation for themselves using their staff billing multiples and their own personal billing rates, they may be astonished because they believe they are worth more than the salary indicated by this calculation.
The complaint is served first on the government to alert officials to the potential false billing and to reveal any evidence in the whistleblower's possession.
She said, "We're extremely tight on billings and collections.
Although regulators are unlikely to allow a dollar-for-dollar offset for billing errors made in favor of government payors, the mere existence of such errors is the best evidence of an absence of a specific intent to defraud.
The city is currently fighting lawsuits filed by upstate counties over the way it tallies the population on which their water billing is based.
Remember though, there is not one universal billing system to fit all nursing homes.
Then, thanks to the legislation from Albany, adjustments were made on the additional January billing that included the effects of the new tax rates and the legislative cap.
Queens Councilman Sheldon Leffler was concerned about the billing problems and said he would take it up with Office of Management and the Budget officials.
The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) seized control of the city's water billing system so quickly this past year that the agency has been flooded by the consequences.
Moynihan said those taxpayers who had reductions that were not captured in the replacement billing will be able to get a new bill at City Collector.
Property tax bills will be recalculated for the mid-year January billing, since the City Council approved a new tax fixing resolution last Wednesday, August 24th.