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like billyo


like billy-oh

If someone is doing something or something is happening like billyo or like billy-oh, it is being done or happening to a great degree and with a lot of energy. They were swinging their partners around like billyo. It is still very wet and so everything is growing like billy-oh
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like billy-o

very much, hard, or strongly. British informal
1995 John Banville Athena This skin tone is the effect of cigarettes, I suspect, for she is a great smoker…going at the fags like billy-o.
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like ˈbilly-o

(British English, informal) very much or very enthusiastically: They worked like billy-o to get it finished on time.
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and bill(y) (ˈbɪli)
n. paper money; a bill. Do you have any billies on you? Lend me a billy or two.


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