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A love letter. John was so enamored with the new girl in his class that he wrote a billet-doux and slipped it into her locker after school.


A complete change of opinion or belief. The phrase comes from the Italian term voltafaccia. Everyone was surprised when the candidate made a complete volte-face on her stance on taxes.
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Les supporters du monde entier auront la possibilite de soumettre une demande de billets sur FIFA.
000 euros en faux billets ont ete saisis a Medea par la brigade economique de la Surete de wilaya, lors d'une perquisition dans un local commercial sis au centre-ville de Medea.
Billets are the input material for many long steel products, including rebars, SteelAsia said.
As one of the world's leading producer of extrusion billets, and a major supplier to the aluminium extrusion market in the UAE, Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) is set to play a key role in fuelling this industry trend within the local market.
The PSM is not producing billets a thick steel bar that serves as a basic raw-material for different steel products because it has been facing problems in selling its products owing to its higher cost of production sources revealed.
Individual Placement Officers have cognizance over a set of billets under the authority of a specific Navy activity; they are focused on meeting the needs of a command.
An official of another steel company, who requested anonymity, stated: "The Bianco company must pay for a licence to produce billets, which costs between EGP 40 and 60m, just like other companies have.
The company will cast initial heats into six-inch by six-inch billets and then they will be rolled on the 9/10-inch rolling mill at the Lorain plant.
000 billets a tarifs reduits ont ete consommes dans le cadre de la convention de partenariat, signee en avril dernier entre Royal Air Maroc (RAM) et le ministere charge des Marocains residant a l'etranger, selon la compagnie.
Manufacturers imported billets (small metal bars) and complain about financial pressure, which may lead to a collapse of the whole industry.
The last of our billets was in an isolated farm house which had no running water, no electric and the toilet was a chemical one.
And surprisingly many of the market convictions and our doubts were laid to rest; because even we did not believe that billets could be cast using a single strand billet caster with a Rigid Dummy Bar and all other features that Electrotherm spoke about.
Saudi Arabia came first of the top 10 Turkish rebar export destinations at 94,483 tons and UAE came second with 103,846 tons of billets imported in the same period.
The supply of coal petered out and we were ordered in our billets to lay our blankets on the floor and sleep in threes to keep warm.
Increasing requirements on the quality of titanium by the users in aerospace technology and also the tendency for reducing the cost of titanium production for commercial applications stimulate the development of new processes of production of titanium billets.