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A love letter. John was so enamored with the new girl in his class that he wrote a billet-doux and slipped it into her locker after school.


A complete change of opinion or belief. The phrase comes from the Italian term voltafaccia, meaning "about-turn." Everyone was surprised when the candidate made a complete volte-face on her stance on taxes.
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A unique trolley allows the main hoist to rotate 270 degrees to position the magnets in any orientation for billet handling.
CHANGE: Trevor Burgess wants to restore the old Bear and Billet name again
All the new resources and billets allow DIILS to provide more innovative, cutting-edge seminars, either for a single nation or a regional group.
Batch sawing throughput is around 50 billets per hour, more than sufficient for the regular production requirement of 750 forgings a week, leaving enough spare capacity available for special projects.
Eleiwa added that Misr Steel has suffered around EGP 100m in losses during the first half this year, with an average losses of EGP 16m-18m per month, due to imposing fees on billet imports.
The MCR identifies the current billet requirements as well as the proposed changes.
Fast forward a bit and Parkhurst encountered the billet offer once again at the Triphahn Community Center and Ice Arena in Hoffman Estates, where her son practiced with his WolfPack hockey team.
While hospital officials had sought to develop an efficient system for cross-identification, the range of objects (a pendant, a thimble, a metal key, a spyglass) that applicants supplied as identifiers exerted pressure on both the billet as a paper envelope for such items and on its category of "Marks on the Body." The unpredictability that Kafka locates in all bureaucratic enterprises contributed to the literal and figurative "bagginess" of the Foundling archive.
The agreement pertains to a guaranteed monthly supply of 50,000 tons of semi-finished steel, also known as billets, for SteelAsia's rolling mills in Davao City and Meycauayan, Bulacan.
The initial temperature of piercing mandrel and dummy block is 400[degrees]C, and the initial temperatures of container, blanking plate, and billet are 400[degrees]C, 200[degrees]C, and 950[degrees]C, respectively.
Pham et al solid-state-stretched a laminated polymer billet containing two or more polymer compositions laminated to one another by extrusion.
Indeed, EGA's billet products have been used in the construction of several famous landmarks - including Malaysia's Petronas Towers, Dubai's Burj Al Arab and Grand Hyatt Hotels.
Production on the billet caster is likely to increase over the next several months, with bloom cast production starting in February 2014.
The bike features Evoluzione Titanium Exhaust System 'Grosso Due', a dry Carbon Head Light Cowling, dry Carbon Dashboard Visor, titanium radiator protection screens, patented Design Drilled Billet Titanium Handle Bar End Weights Set, carbon Fuel Tank Quick Open Type, carbon Fuel Tank Front Cover, carbon Air Duct Cover, carbon Radiator Cover, CNC Steering Top Bridge, CNC Steering Under Stem, carbon Drive Sprocket Cover, patented Design Drilled Billet Titanium Alternator Cover, carbon Rear Fender, ceramic Front Brake Disc Set, and patented Design Drilled Billet Titanium Frame Plug Set.
Development of steel bar industry is determined partly by the availability of basic material in the form of billet. The country still has large shortfall in supply of steel bars.