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In cases where a building is still on frontage and stores are metered properly, the commercial meters, while being read and billed by the DEE are called branch meters.
The more professionals involved, the more learning time is billed.
Make sure wound care products qualified under the Part B benefit are indeed being billed for residents with Part B insurance.
For example, one group promised great potential revenues, but they billed so close to the edge that you could just feel the audits coming.
Nevertheless, these are firm assets and owners must invest capital to carry them until they are billed (for work in process) and collected (for accounts receivable).
While owners are on frontage they are not realizing that the I-Mon meter, (I-Monitor is the status that a meter is in while the property continues to be billed on frontage) has malfunctioned and is no longer registering.
These suppliers allegedly billed Medicare for patient care kits, such as urinary incontinence kits, that intentionally included unnecessary items.