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Table One below sets forth the mean calculations by firm size based on supervised attorney responses on billable hours requirements and hours actually billed.
Unbilled activities are presented in an easy-to-use spreadsheet with filtering options enabling lawyers and other firm personnel to access a chronological view of potential billable entries the application has recorded.
Knowing how many billable hours you've logged can be extremely satisfying.
DOCUMENTING INTERACTION with clients can protect CPAs from liability in malpractice claims and help generate more billable client services.
Compared to the second quarter 2012, your third quarter 2012 billable hours were: Significantly higher (more than 10%) - 11.
billable minutes in the second quarter, 1994 were 102,195,000 compared to 85,766,000 billable minutes in the second quarter, 1993, up over 19%.
At the same time, there is a growing concern over the contribution a practice development investment will make to individual practitioners' billable time and income and healthy skepticism about whether institutional marketing programs will be able to produce direct, short-term, positive results for the individual CPA.
New business inquiries drop, billable hours rise slightly
228 per $1,000 of assessed billable value, and by going over last year's rate of $10.
For professionals who set a daily goal of some number of billable hours, the icon can show what time it will be when they make that goal, assuming all time between now and then is billable.
Survey Shows Law Firms May Be 'Losing' Up to One Third of Potential Billable Hours
The final tax roll shows 1998/99 billable assessments that are up in every class and in every borough over last year's final roll (except for utility property that lost value in Brooklyn), reflecting the overall economic buoyancy of the city.
In addition to hourly billing, 88 percent of respondents reported offering alternatives to the billable hour.
Actual assessments rose slightly, and billable ones stabilized.
Nasdaq: ORBC), a global satellite data communications company focused on two-way Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, today announced that it ended 2006 with about 225,000 billable subscriber communicators on its data communications system, a 99% increase over the Company's subscriber communicator base of 113,000 at the end of 2005.