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The online LexisNexis([R]) Law Firm Billable Hours Survey was conducted by LexisNexis between May 15 and May 25, 2012 and included nearly 500 responses.
The addition of 43 commercial condominiums in Brooklyn helped bring up that billable assessment 99.
QuickArrow is a leading provider of automation and management software for Billable Services Organizations including IT services, software, hardware, environmental consulting entities, management consulting, health care consulting and business services organizations.
The billable assessments for Manhattan commercial properties declined by 6.
By partnering with AIRTIME-Manager, we can now provide these attorneys with an easy to use and integrated way to capture minutes associated with calls and e-mail and effortlessly turn those minutes into billable transactions.
I've heard the Commissioner of Finance say this will be the last year that this will force up the billable assessments.
Users such as consulting firms and other service providers use OpenAir to improve employee utilization, capture more billable hours and streamline project management.
In spite of obvious declining market values, the billable assessments could be in the neighborhood of $81 billion because of rises in transitional assessments still phasing-in from the high market values of the late 1980's.
Users such as consulting firms, software vendors and other internal consulting organizations use OpenAir to improve employee utilization, capture more billable hours and streamline project management.
The update provides billable rates and costs, billing information in reports, redesigned interface for a new project, broader privileges for project managers, time format selection, total break time display, time logging restriction and other features to control profits and be more productive at work.
billable drugs, medical consumables billable and billable implants;2.
has announced that's it is eliminating the billable hours as an evaluative tool for the firm's associates.
Over time, Medicare's composite rate, which was not automatically adjusted for inflation, covered progressively less of the costs to provide routine dialysis services, while program payments for the separately billable drugs generally exceeded providers' costs to obtain these drugs.
Moret admitted that employees missed deadlines to enter billable hours, forgot to enter billable hours for meetings and entered different times for the same meeting.
4) When hourly billing became widespread, the number of billable hours expected of firm attorneys dramatically increased as billable hours clocked and business generated assumed greater importance in evaluating attorney contributions and compensation.