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With the loss of workload units, we hit on the idea of developing the weighted average cost for a billable test based on the workstation in which it was performed.
Overall, respondents who reported feeling time pressure from billable hours, either during busy season or outside of busy season, had lower employee engagement; only 42% of respondents who felt this pressure are engaged, while 56% of respondents who did not feel this pressure are engaged.
How many of the aforementioned activities one chooses to call "billable hours" are both objective and subjective decisions.
The firm added that the elimination of the billable hour for associates is "strategically aligned" with the firm's mission.
Critique: Clever plotting, deftly crafted and imminently recognizable characters, combined with a genuine talent for storytelling, author Petula Parker's new novel, "Kate's Escape from The Billable Hour", is a thoroughly entertaining read from beginning to end and highly recommended for personal reading lists.
* Some practitioners have moved away from the billable hour in an effort to improve client relations.
She will be presenting a workshop on how to align clinical and billing staff to maximize "billable moments" at the Behavioral Healthcare Leadership Summit in St.
Each disorder includes "a billable medical code that can be used to specify a diagnosis on a reimbursement claim." If a condition is classified, it can be billed to the insurance.
The email is the latest, and one of the more delicious, examples of how major law firms run up the bill on their clients, whose fee is usually based on something called "billable hours." These are the hours worked mainly by the firm's young associates and billed at four or five times the rate paid the associate.
As long as the dominant financial approach in legal services is the leveraged model using the billable hour, equity partners will continue to be incentivized to hire junior attorneys and bill them out at a tremendous profit margin.
(Nasdaq:IRDM), McLean, Va., has announced that it has reached 500,000 total billable subscribers for its satellite voice and data services worldwide.
Services-based businesses, whose revenue is derived from delivering billable projects and services to clients, comprise one of the largest, fastest growing and most competitive segments of the of the U.S.
Our problem is that administration is only looking at billable tests when determining staff levels.
Suddenly it seems that there's talk everywhere about the demise of the billable hour.
AGA1 2-2 encryption ensures data integrity for billable applications or critical operations.