bill for

bill (one) for (something)

To send someone an invoice for a good delivered or a service rendered. I wouldn't celebrate too much—if you didn't have to pay today, I'm sure they'll bill you for it later.
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bill someone for something

to ask someone for payment for something in writing. Just bill me for the balance. She billed them for her expenses and then tried to deduct the expenses from her income tax.
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There were 88 agenda items appearing on 'Orders of the Day and the Senate considered all legislative agenda which included 26 private members' bills appearing for introduction and five private members bill for passage.
* Draft effect on bill payment: more than 60 percent who activated an e-bill added an additional bill for payment through their financial institution
The minister's guarantees aside, Clark says he was further assured by Thunder Bay MPP Michael Gravelle the legislation will not affect the industry and that some re-writes will be put into the bill for second reading.
* Transportation--$4 billion budget funding bill for highways from 5 cents increase in gas tax and flexible tax (non-gas) increases for public transit like buses and van pools.
On April 8, 2003, Citizens for Healthcare Freedom (CHF) introduced a health freedom bill for NC Rep.
Patricia Franklin, executive director of the Container Recycling Institute (CRI), Arlington, Va., fears that money may be the primary motivation to modify the bottle bill for some legislators.
"A [nursing facility] will be hard-pressed to develop expertise in every Part B service or item it is responsible to provide and bill for under consolidated billing," observes Bill Blanchfill, chief compliance officer for McKesson HBOC Medical Group, Extended Care.
Not only will we correct past bills, we keep you on track by monitoring every, bill for a nominal charge.
Bill as "the great democratizer" and the nation's "greatest single piece of social legislation," this group of professionals profusely praised the bill for allowing World War Two veterans to attend colleges and trade schools, obtain homes, secure business loans, and achieve a "middle-class" lifestyle.
Some experts are predicting that the House will pass the voucher bill for the District.
"The most significant part of this bill for the accounting profession is its system of proportionate liability," said John E.
The Senate stopped the health care debate in mid-tracks and turned its attention to the crime bill for a rancorous four-day debate.
SNFs will have to be geared up to bill for all Part B supplies and services and to manage the reimbursements.
In the beginning, we lost some opportunities to bill for services we provided.