bill for

bill (one) for (something)

To send someone an invoice for a good delivered or a service rendered. I wouldn't celebrate too much—if you didn't have to pay today, I'm sure they'll bill you for it later.
See also: bill

bill someone for something

to ask someone for payment for something in writing. Just bill me for the balance. She billed them for her expenses and then tried to deduct the expenses from her income tax.
See also: bill
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A [nursing facility] will be hard-pressed to develop expertise in every Part B service or item it is responsible to provide and bill for under consolidated billing," observes Bill Blanchfill, chief compliance officer for McKesson HBOC Medical Group, Extended Care.
Not only will we correct past bills, we keep you on track by monitoring every, bill for a nominal charge.
Only the necessary number of professionals should bill for attendance at a hearing, conference or meeting.
In the future, profitability and innovation will be defined by how quickly carriers can adapt to the convergent business model and how easily they can bill for services in near real time.
The details of how the facility will bill for ancillary services provided to Part A patients during that period are as yet not clear.
The 30 days for the provider starts at the date they bill for the care they render whereas for the payer the 30 days start when they have a 'clean' bill and supporting medial notes.
Octave Communications, a pioneer in audio conferencing equipment and technology, and MetraTech, a leading Web services-based billing, customer care and revenue sharing software provider, today announced that they will jointly develop and market their products so mutual customers are able to rate and bill for audio conferencing charges in real-time with Web-based billing technology.
BT is now using Convergys' Geneva (TM) software to bill for a variety of services, including DSL, ADSL, IMS, and business point-to-point services.
With the flexibility to read, rate and track any type of usage data over any network, this billing system provides the tools needed to bill for all current and future service offerings.
MetraTech lets service providers deploy new services and bill for them immediately at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional client/server solutions.
NetCountant Web Hosting Billing solution enables customers to easily define new services and rapidly create new pricing plans that identify content by type and bill for it based on usage.
MetraTech's software makes customers' service offerings more profitable through business model agility - the ability to quickly provision and bill for new services on demand.