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bilk (one) out of (something)

To obtain something from one by dishonest means and for personal gain. I think this workers' comp claim is bogus—he's just trying to bilk us out of money.
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bilk someone out of something

to get something away from someone by deception. The crooks bilked the old lady out of a fortune. I was bilked out of my life's savings!
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Other badly-hit petrol stations in Kirklees last year include Manchester Road, Milnsbridge (46 bilking offences), Oxford Road, Gomersal (45), Westbourne Road, Marsh (37), Huddersfield Road, Honley (30), Leeds Road, Bradley (28) and The Triangle, Paddock (24).
'There are still thousands of incidents each week across Britain and the most recent research showed retailers lost pounds 12 million through 'bilking' in 2003
Det Chief Insp Godwin added: 'Since the scheme was introduced, local figures for bilking have fallen, although such offences are increasing nationally.
"We own these stocks, and we're hoping you'll bid them up." He cites Global Financial Traders' Daily Speculator, which was sued last year by the SEC "for allegedly bilking investors out of more than $5.8 million by using the newsletter to hype the stock of American Image Motor, a motorcycle manufacturer.
The initiative led by West Midlands Police wants to put a stop to the crime known as 'bilking' - or driving off without paying for petrol.
The practice - known as "bilking" - is suspected to be linked with a similar rise in the thefts of number plates.
Now, County Durham police are targeting the practice of "bilking" - filling up with fuel and driving off - in Durham City, Peterlee and Seaham.
More than 50 Egyptians have accused Al Bushi of bilking them out of their money for investment in return for annual profits ranging from 60 to 70 per cent.
A North Carolina man convicted of bilking investors of $4 million by promising extravagant returns on silver ingots was sentenced in Eugene to a prison term of 10 years.
Bakker, who served five years in prison after being convicted in 1989 of bilking supporters of his PTL Club out of $158 million, is hoping to make a comeback by opening a camp for troubled inner-city youth in the Florida panhandle.
Kessler believes that the dietary supplement market is "awash in unsubstantiated claims," that manufacturers are bilking consumers by selling "snake oil" cures for everything from baldness to AIDS.
Of the 400 or so lobby groups active in Washington, the Caraway committee concluded that 90 percent were fakes, set up for the primary purpose of bilking clients.
They are often linked with bilking - the theft of fuel from filling stations.
Bilking, as the crime is officially known, involves thieves pretending to be genuine customers filling up at the pump.