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bilk (one) out of (something)

To obtain something from one by dishonest means and for personal gain. I think this workers' comp claim is bogus—he's just trying to bilk us out of money.
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bilk someone out of something

to get something away from someone by deception. The crooks bilked the old lady out of a fortune. I was bilked out of my life's savings!
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Paying tribute, poet Ian McMillan last night said: "Goodbye Acker Bilk, creator of one of the great earworms.
Known for his goatee, bowler hat and waistcoat, Bilk was awarded an MBE in 2001.
Bilk, who was in the charts for a record-breaking 55 weeks with his classic instrumental Stranger On The Shore in 1961 and '62, plans to return to the stage on April 1 at the Clevedon Festival in his native Somerset.
Topping the bill tonight is Anthony Strong who will be following in the footsteps of all-time greats like Humphrey Lyttleton and Acker Bilk.
Chris Barber and Acker Bilk will be leading their respective bands until the day when they're no longer able.
JAZZ legend Acker Bilk will play with his Paramount Jazz Band in Llangollen next weekend.
JAZZ legends Acker Bilk and Kenny Ball will be performing during a festival in a Welsh market town.
Bandleaders Chris Barber, Kenny Ball and Acker Bilk first appeared together on the same bill in 1985 and they have been doing it regularly ever since.
STRANGER On The Shore star Acker Bilk has been diagnosed with cancer of the throat.
The concert with Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band saw a capacity audience of 500 people spellbound.
He joins Acker Bilk, whose Stranger on the Shore represents jazz for millions of people who might otherwise be complete strangers to the music.
Made up of six experienced musicians, who have played together for 10 years, they play traditional jazz reminiscent of Acker Bilk and Kenny Ball, but also sing-along, swing-along tunes from musicals to the days of music hall.
Acker Bilk, pictured, will perform at Walsall Town Hall in Leicester Street on June 6.
Between them is jazz giant Acker Bilk, in the city for that year's festival.