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bilk (one) out of (something)

To obtain something from one by dishonest means and for personal gain. I think this workers' comp claim is bogus—he's just trying to bilk us out of money.
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bilk someone out of something

to get something away from someone by deception. The crooks bilked the old lady out of a fortune. I was bilked out of my life's savings!
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Miss Sutton said: "Age caught up with him." Born Bernard Stanley Bilk, in Pensford, Somerset, in 1929, he changed his name to Acker - Somerset slang for mate - after learning to play the clarinet in the Army at the age of 18.
Stranger on the Shore stayed in the charts for over a year following its release in 1961, winning Bilk four gold discs.
Acker Bilk and the Paramount Jazz Band performing at Brecon Jazz
Acker Bilk, famous for his track Stranger On The Shore, recorded in 1961, first learnt the clarinet while serving in the Royal Engineers, later joining Ken Colyer's jazz band in 1954.
This year's festival, which featured greats such as Acker Bilk and Stan Tracey, was chosen by Jazz Yorkshire Board from a shortlisted nominated in a poll organised by Jazz Yorkshire earlier this year.
The two men must also repay the money they stole; between 2002 and 2004 they were engaged in a scheme to bilk the V.I.
"He was a wonderful dancer in his day and told us he was great friends with Acker Bilk, the jazzman.
9 What is British jazzman Acka Bilk's real first name: a) Cyril b) Oscar c) Bernard?
Birthdays: 1929: Acker Bilk, 76, English jazz clarinetist.
"I keep thinking, Is this my life?" Oscar's good fortune began last year when he was cast as Nathan Lane's understudy in The Producers, Mel Brooks's stage adaptation of his comic film about two shysters who attempt to bilk investors with an intended theatrical flop called Springtime for Hitler.
Among the other pieces available are signed autobiographies by Felicity Kendall and June Whitfield, a signed reed from the clarinet of Acker Bilk and a rugby ball signed by Welsh internationals.
Following an eye-catching fifth at Sandown recently, Native Jazz won the Craiglee running away under Brett Prebble by a length from Aka Bilk.
But there was a note of warning in the land of bilk and money.