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a big mouth

1. A tendency or habit of speaking incessantly and indiscreetly, especially about sensitive or secret information. If I'd known you had such a big mouth, I'd have never shared my secret with you! God you've got a big mouth! Don't you ever stop talking about other people's business? Of course Bobby let it slip that there would be a surprise party for her birthday—that kid's got a big mouth.
2. A person who talks in such a manner. I can't stand Terry's new husband, he is such a big mouth! Now I'm in trouble, thanks to you being a big mouth and blabbing all about how I got home past curfew last night! We would have gotten away with the plan if she hadn't been such a big mouth!
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have a big mouth

To have a tendency or habit of speaking incessantly, indiscreetly, and/or in a noisy, boorish manner. I can't stand Terry's new husband, he has such a big mouth! It's like no one else gets a chance to speak when he's here. If I'd known you had such a big mouth, I'd have never shared my secret with you!
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have a big mouth

to be a gossiper; to be a person who tells secrets. Mary has a big mouth. She told Bob what I was getting him for his birthday. You shouldn't say things like that about people all the time. Everyone will say you have a big mouth.
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have a big mouth

tv. to speak loudly and openly in public; to tell secrets. (Have got can replace have.) He has a big mouth. Don’t tell him anything you don’t want everybody else to know.
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In 1990 and 1996, Jennifer Brown ordered photocopies of the folders containing transcripts of the stories that Gisayenaan, or Adam Bigmouth, shared with Hallowell from his papers, which are housed at the American Philosophical Society Archive.
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Sadly, this desertion severely compromised the quality of care that females were able to provide to their young, particularly in defending their babies against formidable fish predators, such as the bigmouth sleeper fish.
How about Lord Hypocrite, Lord Twofaced, Lord Fisticuffs or Lord Bigmouth? Apparently it's all about making his wife a Lady.
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"Cameron has struggled to articulate what his party stands for when the nation is desperate for certainty" - Steve Norris, ex-Tory MP and ex-candidate for London mayor "I do like art, and I really like the power station" - Bob Geldof on finding himself at a centenary reception for the Contemporary Art Society at Battersea power station bigmouth Who said what this week - straight out of the mouths of celebrities "I don't like my temper, but I know I have one.
And just when you think you've heard it all, there's a surprise cover of The Smiths' Bigmouth Strikes Again.
Florida natives--American eels and bigmouth sleepers--can migrate on land for short distances breathing through their mouth, skin and gills kept wet with trapped water.
Numbers include This Charming Man, How Soon is Now, Girlfriend in a Coma, Bigmouth Strikes Again and There is a Light That Never Goes Out.
But for all Clough's bigmouth bravura, Spall says there was a kind man underneath "He visited people in hospital and if anyone needed dosh, he'd help them out."