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big of (one)

Noble or commendable. This phrase is often said sarcastically. Wow, you're actually going to spend time with your brother tonight? That's big of you. It's big of you to reconcile with people who have wronged you in the past.
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big (of someone)

generous; kind or forgiving. (Sometimes sarcastic.) He gave me some of his apple. That was very big of him. It was big of Sally to come over and apologize like that.
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This is simply because unlike yester-years, where manufacturers packed more and more pixels into a tiny sensor, the imaging sensors of today are far bigger. Think of the relationship between megapixels and sensor size like that between the number of guests you invite for dinner vs.
"This club is a special club and it's bigger than any one individual and unfortunately, that individual just felt he was a little bit bigger than us."
The scheme was launched at The University of Huddersfield - and supported by its Enterprise Team - where staff members from The Bigger Boat, including account and design directors, provided a onehour workshop to a cohort of third year undergraduate students currently undertaking the Enterprise Placement Year (EPY) programme.
Bill 8419 defines a motorcycle as any "motor-driven two-wheeled vehicle, including scooters, mopeds and motorcycles with appendages such as sidecars, tricycles or trikes." The Land Transportation Office (LTO) was authorized to design a bigger license plate "with alphanumeric characters in large and readable font from a distance of 12 meters from the motorcycle.
But having been rated 148 over hurdles, he looks a decent prospect now over the bigger obstacles.
Dickov argued: "I genuinely believe City are a bigger club than United.
Sheeran, 27, said: "It's dangerous to have a career that goes bigger and bigger and bigger.
KARACHI -- The Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) has imposed a ban on construction of a second floor on a residential plot bigger than 120 square yards.
Acclaimed brand strategist Fabian Geyrhalter's enlightening new book, "Bigger Than This: How to turn any venture into an admired brand" digs deep into today's new world of brand creation.
The House of Representatives has approved at the committee level a substitute bill that seeks to penalize the use of motorcycles in crimes by way of using bigger plate numbers and identification marks.
Mark Reimer ("The Speed of Thought," M/A) states that a fundamental difference between apes and humans is that our bigger brains can handle more complex social interactions, which has given us psychological traits that enable group identity to trump individual thinking.
It is the right thing to do, and it shows the world that we are bigger than just ourselves.
A study found overweight four- and 18-montholds eat similar food to those with a normal weight but have bigger portions - consuming 141 calories compared with 130.