big send-off

a big send-off

A lively and enthusiastic farewell celebration thrown in honor of someone who is leaving some place and/or setting off on a new endeavor. The night before I flew back to America, the entire town came out to give me a big send-off at the local pub.
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*big send-off

a happy celebration before departing. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I had a wonderful send-off before I left. John got a fine send-off as he left for Europe.
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There was a party atmosphere in the town centre as Paisley gave a big send-off to the cars and crews in the 2018 historic rally run to Monte Carlo.
It ended with a big send-off last night, starring Bruce Springsteen.
Sovereign Debt had given the late David Nicholls a big send-off when winning a local Group 2 in Doha in February before the trainer retired.
More than 3,500 fans turned up on a hot afternoon to give Bernie a big send-off, and he didn't disappoint them by scoring two goals, including one from the penalty spot.
Not only is it their 40ths, but it also coincides with them going Down Under for a month, so it gives them a nice big send-off, too.
Aaron gave Warner a big send-off after rattling his stumps and the Australian retaliated after his let-off.
It led to "a big send-off " from her family as Teret collected her and drove her to his flat where he raped her after she had red wine for the first time and became drunk.
Samba dancers, streamers, even Dutch techno duo 2Unlimited, it's safe to say this was all planned to be a big send-off for South America for Louis van Gaal's side.
I'm very pleased he agreed to ride for us on Friday before Michael joins us, and I really hope the fans come along and give him the big send-off he deserves.
UAE under-19 player Chopra, who played a huge role in Gems dominating inter-school cricket with his all-round performances, received a big send-off in his last appearance for the school.
BOSTON -- With their biggest challenge of the season ahead, the Bruins got a big send-off from one their smallest players.
A big send-off, as well as a big thank you to everyone for their support and a chance to raise money for an underfunded charity.
It's a way for the school and pupils to have one last big send-off.
But let's just hope that her big send-off won't be the commercial push our cynical minds expect it will be.
Riders will be transported down to Yeovil in time for the big send-off, on Wednesday, May 2, 2012, with the aim of reaching the Galpharm in time for the match on Saturday, May 5.