big kahuna

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big kahuna

The most important or powerful person in a group, organization, business, or movement (e.g., the boss, leader, etc.). Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I think it sounds like a great idea, but you'll have to ask the big kahuna first.
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a big kahuna


a grand kahuna

A big kahuna is a very important person in an organization. Suncorp Metway big kahuna Steve Jones may be thinking twice about his plans to start a business in North Queensland. Note: The word `kahuna' is from Hawaiian and means `wise man'.
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big kahuna

n. the important person; the knowledgeable authority on some matter. (From the Hawai'ian word for “priest.” Sometimes capitalized.) Joe is the big kahuna around here when it comes to predicting stock market prices.
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The Big Kahuna Power Blade attaches onto any 12 volt or higher drill so that cutting is effortless.
The only folks who could be considered VIPs at the first NVWG were the Richmond VAMC director, the big kahuna from the West End Jaycees, and the then-president of PVA.
Roby Yonge, the radio personality Big Kahuna, died of a heart attack July 18 in Miami.
With over 800 stores, Heilig-Meyers is considered the Big Kahuna of popular-priced furniture.
Surrounding the Big Kahuna are dozens of vassals, each committed to assuring that he only hears or sees what they want him to know.
Client: Dubai Parks and Resorts title: Where Amazing Meets Amazing AGenCY: DDB Dubai eCD: Firas Medrows Group CreAtive DireCtor: Zahir Mirza CreAtive teAm: Kapil Mayekar, Victor Haffling, Zahir Mirza Business DireCtor: Iris Minnema senior ACCount mAnAGer: Sama Ibrahim proDuCtion House: Big Kahuna Films
I Choose Live: Pulp Fiction and the Big Kahuna Burger WHEN: TODAY WHERE: MAC, BIRMINGHAM, 0121 446 3232 E-magazine I Choose Birmingham is turning two with a live event at mac's outdoor arena.
Additionally, the hotel is conveniently located near other local attractions such as the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park, Big Kahuna s Water & Adventure Park and The Track Family Recreational Center.
Recognized for signature pizzas such as Aegean[R] and the Big Kahuna, the pizzas are made using the "Wallinator[R]," a unique device that keeps ingredients on pizza pies stacked up high and perfect.
He is our chief head mentor - the big kahuna, our staff adviser," John said.
From their club Big Kahuna Burger to its brilliant replacement night Headstart they have remained at the forefront, so this rare date north of the border is a brilliant chance to see an awesome pairing in action.
David Fine is the pontiff of pontification, the chairman of chit-chat, the boss of babble, the big kahuna of cocktail cackle.
Inspired by California surfer girls, the colors are hang ten glitter, surfer girl frost, turquoise bay glitter, Tahiti sunrise frost, free style glitter, blue Hawaii frost, Bali bronze frost, big kahuna frost and rio pink frost.